Thank You…

by Helen Aldous

As of today, Wednesday 21st August 2019, I am archiving this blog. Basically that means there will be no more new content, but I will be leaving the blog up and live as there’s a huge amount of great content on here that maybe be useful to artists. Really hope it helps you in your [...]


Yet another terrific Art Marketing Expert Interview, showing you how to get free press for your creative business: Took some time to make it show up on my site – code may be poetry, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. But, here it is. How to get free publicity (Click to listen, right-click and ‘save [...]


Ana Hoffman of TrafficGenerationCafe (Click the link to listen or right-click and select ‘save as’)   Ok, it’s been a while in the making, but finally here’s the interview with Ana Hofmann, on how to attract the right kind of traffic to your site. The reason it took a while is that my site had [...]


Interview: Owen Garratt on How to Show Up to the Right Art Buying Audience

September 26, 2015

  To learn more about Marketing Tools for Artists, check out Owen’s site: —— Ever hear of Owen Garratt? He’s famous for selling $1mln worth of art in one year, without the use of external galleries. Who says an artist can’t live from their art, hm? I’ve just received the link to the video [...]

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Confidence: Poker-face Pricing Your Art

August 14, 2015

One of the things I’m enjoying most since coming back into the world, is connecting people. Yesterday, for example. Karin is a successful Dutch artist, and Roberta is owner of the Casino gallery and La Conca Arts Club. So logically, I asked Karin if she wants to show her work, and Roberta if she wanted [...]

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Buyers You Don’t Want and How to Keep Them Away

July 31, 2015

  Remember how I always say daily emails give you tons of benefits? I have a beautiful and exciting example of that, but I can’t tell you yet – there’s a Skype call on Monday that needs to happen first. Can ya feel the suspense Anyway, among the benefits of daily emails is that is [...]

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“Art Starts to Suffer the Moment Other People Start Paying For It”

June 26, 2015

For real? I mean, COME ON. Is the writer trying to say the artist is the only one who should pay for art? That we should all be little Vincent van Gogh clones, suffering for our art and our sanity? Normally, I’m a big fan of Hugh MacLeod. I’ve met the guy several times, and [...]

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Now THIS is how you write an art-selling email (instructions inside)

April 20, 2015

Last week, LEAP subscriber Maria Berg sent an email to her list, and it blew me away. It actually choked me up a bit, and that’s not an easy thing to achieve. What with me being such a rugged manly man and all… Seriously though, you want to learn how she did it, because she [...]

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Overwhelmingly Disappointing Survey Consensus. BUT! I’ve Got Your Back

February 27, 2015

Two things stood out in last week’s survey results. First, a very large number of artists had real trouble having the confidence to market their work. Which I can understand: I know as well as any artist that getting your own creation out into the world can be tough. Point in case: that novel of [...]

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Artists and the Eternal Need for Community

February 23, 2015

Community or communion, take your pick: ultimately it’s what drives many of us to pick up a brush.We seek to connect, to answer questions or to begin to articulate those very questions. All this points to one over-arching conclusion: we need other people. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t paint in the first place, there would [...]

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