For real? I mean, COME ON. Is the writer trying to say the artist is the only one who should pay for art? That we should all be little Vincent van Gogh clones, suffering for our art and our sanity? Normally, I’m a big fan of Hugh MacLeod. I’ve met the guy several times, and [...]


Last week, LEAP subscriber Maria Berg sent an email to her list, and it blew me away. It actually choked me up a bit, and that’s not an easy thing to achieve. What with me being such a rugged manly man and all… Seriously though, you want to learn how she did it, because she [...]


Two things stood out in last week’s survey results. First, a very large number of artists had real trouble having the confidence to market their work. Which I can understand: I know as well as any artist that getting your own creation out into the world can be tough. Point in case: that novel of [...]


Artists and the Eternal Need for Community

February 23, 2015

Community or communion, take your pick: ultimately it’s what drives many of us to pick up a brush.We seek to connect, to answer questions or to begin to articulate those very questions. All this points to one over-arching conclusion: we need other people. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t paint in the first place, there would [...]

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On free sites vs self-hosted, functionality and trust

February 9, 2015

Yesterday, on a free consulting call with a new LEAP subscriber, the issue of websites came up. Many people can’t or won’t invest in a professional site, and choose to go with free options, such as Google’s platform. Other options are sites hosted by Vistaprint, or Typepad, and also WordPress has a free site [...]

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The definition of a real artist

January 29, 2015

This one might piss a few people off. Not that it’s my intention to do so, but so often do I see artists – incredibly motivated, driven, talented – shirk the issue of money and selling, that I think it’s time to share one of my more radical opinions. Don’t just take it from me, [...]

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One trick to trigger emotional response

January 22, 2015

Got a little instructional for you today. Yesterday, a reader responded to my call ‘hit reply and tell me where you struggle’. Always nice to hear back from people – do keep ‘em coming. She told me a bit about her struggles, and ended with ‘this is my site, please have a look’. so I [...]

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The day I got art – and a few thoughts about your moral and ethical duty to sell yours

January 13, 2015

 CLACK! CLACK! CLACK! It’s 10PM, I’m 12 years old and I’m in bed. In the studio below my room, my mother is using a staple gun to tack a canvas on a huge, 4 by 6 meter frame. Clack, clack, clack. It’s going to be another one of those grim and dramatic Norse fjords that [...]

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How to Have Yourself a Stellar Christmas This Year

October 10, 2013
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Christmas is rushing up fast. Martin Stellar shares how to make the most of the season to share and sell your art. RIGHT NOW…

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Selling Your Art Is Your Duty! – A Passionate Plea From The Heart…

September 4, 2013
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Martin Stellar made a BIG mistakes in his career which cost him his business and a LOT of money. He shares how to avoid this lethal art marketing trap if you want to survive and thrive as an artist.

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