Reader’s Showcase | Jimi D’s Intriguing Kinetic Sculptures

by Helen Aldous

Jim Dixon {AKA Jimi D} creates mechanical art works. Over to Jim…

I am a graphic designer by training, but have professionally been engaged in a multitude of design projects including residential and commercial interiors, environmental graphics, product development, packaging, games, furniture, houses, gardens, and many other things too unusual to mention. Along with creative talents, I also have developed execution skills as an illustrator, fabricator, carpenter, plumber, electrician, mason, and mechanic.

Jim Dixon Kinetic Artist

Twisted Frankenstein

In the past year I’ve brought all the talents, skills and experience together to launch American Automata, an art studio dedicated to the creation and construction of mechanical art, or what I aptly describe as “kinetic storytelling.”

Jim Dixon Kinetic Artist

Twisted Frankenstein

I have completed my first piece, and fortunately was contacted to show it in an art exhibition in NYC at the Onichi Gallery in Chelsea. This work is the first in a series of 8-10 pieces that will be constructed over the next 18 months.

You can view this fabulous contraption in action on YouTube


You can find out more about Jim’s work on his website and you can also find him on Facebook and Twitter




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