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33 ways sell art online

I LOVE this list of 33 Ways to stay creative

I havent been able to verify an author despite a trawl round the internet so if this is yours please contact me for a proper link and credit.

Paul Graham writes about how to find and do work that you love

If you only read one thing this month then make it this…

Riusuke Fukahori paints incredible 3D Goldfish in resin ponds

I have been totally blown away by the incredible art of Riusuke Fukahori. Its hard for your brain to understand that the fish aren’t real until you see his technique and understand how he creates the paintings. Beautiful and calming with a wonderful Zen quality. Watch the creation of goldfish below.

“Goldfish Salvation” Riusuke Fukahori


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The Enterprising Artists Survey – An Update

Last month Artonomy and Right Brain Rockstar asked artists to help us find out a little more about the landscape that we are operating in these days.

We expected to get maybe 50 or so replies, which we thought would be a great result. Well…  an ASTONISHING 954 artists and creative folks took the time to complete the survey! An incredible response {and the reason why it is taking a little while to crunch the data into a usable form}

Huge thanks to everyone who took part, both in spreading the word and taking the time to fill in the survey.

Here are some early interesting statistics from the survey to whet your appetite for the full data when it has been crunched.

  • The gender mix of people responding  was 83% female and 17% male
  • 34% of respondents were full time artists
  • 57% of respondents said that they found understanding and choosing Internet marketing options challenging
  • 59% of respondents had their own up-to-date website to promote their art
Please check back for the fully crunched results very soon.




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Reader’s Showcase | Branimir Jaredic | Haunting Photography

Branimir Jaredic

Branimir Jaredic is an amateur photographer from Rijeka(Croatia),currently living in Limerick(Ireland)

Branimir Jaredic

Branimir says… My work is based on the theme ‘Man and his position in the world and nature’.

On one hand, I’m trying to express my feelings about the loneliness and unimportance of human beings in this world and on the other, I like to celebrate the beauty of nature. My inspiration comes from everyday life, music, films, games ..

Branimir Jaredic

Branimir’s work has been published in the following:

  • Photographize arte magazine and Photographize fan page (3x)
  • B creative blog
  • Elements magazine(interview+photo presentation)
  • Re foto magazine (3x)
  • Brainstorm on line magazine
  • Get inspired! Magazine
  • Musetouch magazine(blog)
  • Жанна_BITEofJeanne(blog)
  • LinesWorld Zine
  • final selection Photo France competition
  • final selection  Saatchi gallery competition “Art Paris Showdown” amongst 3777 entries

Branimir Jaredic

You can view more of Branimir’s work in the locations below.

Facebook page:


Google + :

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