Affiliate Program

Important Information re our Affiliate Program

Thanks for looking into our affiliate program. Below are the basic details.

  • You will receive 40% of sales of our products
  • We manage the affiliate program through e-junky. They have a help page here e-junkie affiliate help.
  • We use Paypal for payments so you will need a PayPal account
  • Our pay cycle works per month so you will be paid in the following month.  Ie If you sell a book in January you will get paid before the end of February.
  • Returns. I’m afraid you wont get paid if a book is returned or in the case of chargebacks.
  • You will not get paid if you buy the book yourself.
  • Please don’t spam in order to sell these products. Spamming will result in affiliates being barred from selling our products.

Now we’ve got all that stuff out of the way please sign up below. Thanks

Join our Affiliate Program!

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