Art Business Coaching – For Creators Who Know They Could be More Successful but Have Trouble Seeing the Road From ‘Here’ to ‘There’

Have you ever wondered how high-performing, successful people got to where they are?

In most cases, they’ve had help from a coach: someone who understands that success is the result of mindset.

A coach can help you work on your inner game, by helping you change the way you view yourself, your world, and your place in it.

A successful athlete for example: What if that person has been winning medals in their country, and one day says “And now I want to become an olympian”.

What does that person do?

They hire a coach, and the coach works with them to bring them to the top of their game.

And this works for any kind of endeavour: it’s not just athletes.

Musicians, painters, dancers and singers: they all get to top performance by working with a coach.

Why do ballet teachers and opera singers host masterclasses?

Because that’s how you get everything out of yourself that’s in you, waiting to be released.

I work with people to do exactly that, and the results can be quite amazing.

Martin said he would like to transform my world and that’s exactly what he did during my first art coaching session.

He allowed me to bring my ultimate life goal right into the picture and he has left me feeling even more empowered, especially now he has given me his clear-thinking marketing plan.

You all need to experience what Martin has to offer.

~ Emma Plunkett,

You could have the same thing happen for yourself.

When I talk to artists, I have one goal: For you to never see yourself and your world in the same way. In a very good sense.

To put it differently:

We work on the ‘in-here’ to get your work out there.

But, it’s not for everyone: you’ll need to come prepared.

If you feel inspired and you want to experience a complimentary 30-minute intro session, please take a minute to fill out this survey:

If I feel that we’re a good match, I’ll be in touch to schedule a call.



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