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Reader’s Showcase | Shaun William Kerr | Classical Romantic Artist

The Fealty of Sir Bedivere

Scottish born Shaun William Kerr (now residing in Texas) has since 2006 begun to establish a reputation for himself as a Classical Romantic Artist.


Munroe's Retreat


Munroe's Retreat Detail

The quality and intricacy of his alluring narrative painting style has attracted considerable attention around the world and his originals have become highly sought after.




Steps of Annwn

Find out more about Shauns finely detailed work on his website.

Interview with Something we Dec 2010

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Reader’s Showcase | Cally Clark–Traversari | Vibrant Joyful Mixed Media

Pink Fairy

I am a self taught artist from Birmingham, but currently living in Wolverhampton.

I regard my artwork as colourful, vibrant, and different. I love to use a range of mediums but my favourite is mixed media and emulsion. I tend to use a lot of acrylic, too. I believe I have found my own sense of style but I continuously developing it.

Picked In The Garden

My inspiration comes from the things around me. My home life, thoughts, dreams, and most importantly my imagination. I’m never seen without an art journal and I am always sketching new ideas.

Mother and Daughter

I have only recently begun selling my artwork but already have sold over 20 paintings without much advertisement – I hope to set my own website up and get the word around more in the near future (I am currently in the early process of getting help and support from the Princes trust.) All sales so far have been made via and my Art facebook page.

I have my first Craft stall coming up at the end of the month which I am both scared and excited about!.

Magic City

You can find out more about Cally on her Facebook page Cally’s Creations or at

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Reader’s Showcase | Joe Bowman | Beauty in Detail

Joe Bowman - Clearing {detail}

Clearing {detail}

I begin my work with a large – and growing – pool of black-and-white, freehand illustrations. I photocopy the images needed for any given piece onto art paper, and cut them out in as much detail as possible and in such a way as to minimize visible seams. I then collage these cutouts together to create large-format, richly detailed city- and landscapes ranging in size from 4″x6″ to 3’x5′, of which I have completed about thirty so far.

Big House Joe Bowman

Big House

I have gained a fair amount of experience showing my work, having participated in a group show at the now-defunct Echo Curio and with several various warehouse art cooperatives in Los Angeles; the response I have thus far gotten has been overwhelmingly positive and I am interested to see how it will play with a wider audience.

Castle In The Forest - Joe Bowman

Castle In The Forest

Joseph Bowman (1752-1779) was an officer in the American Revolutionary War who served in the Illinois campaign. Maj. Bowman participated in the 1778 capture of Fort de Chartres, and remained there for some time as the commander of the newly renamed Fort Bowman. While attending a victory celebration, Maj. Bowman was injured by an accidental gunpowder explosion and later succumbed to his injuries, becoming the only American officer to die in the Illinois campaign. He now lives and works in Los Angeles.

Outhouse - Joe Bowman


You can view more of Joe’s intricate work at

Joe can be contacted via jpowersbowman{at}gmail {dot}com

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Reader’s Showcase | Tony Dexter | Creative Re-emergence

Who am I?

I’ve only recently taken up painting (other than the kitchen!) after a break of more than forty years. I’m a business and marketing consultant and paint in my spare time. In my younger days I trained as a sculptor but I chose to enter the world of commerce. So now I’m beginning to take every opportunity to put acrylic on canvas. I’m really fond of painting portraits and keen to create more images. I’m constantly questioning and challenging ‘technique’ over substance as I want to improve my skills but not by applying some formula.



For me it’s not easy to paint. I love portraiture BUT I don’t want the images I create to be photographic. I try, as with the picture of our granddaughter Kitty, to capture something of the character of the person. I think every grandparent loves their grand children and with three I’ve been busy painting them at various stages of their growing lives. Children can be a challenge to capture. Not because they don’t sit still but because their features – like the bridge of their nose – is not fully formed. If you were to see me, well, I’ve a fully grown ‘snout’ (Romanesque I’d like to think!) so my nose can cast a few shadows and give my face clear definition. But Kitty’s face and that of her sister and cousin are still developing so capturing the subtlety of the light and shade is an enjoyable challenge.


The banana skin dancing in the river

The banana skin dancing in the river

I once put a banana skin in a river and was surprised to see how animated the current made it appear. It was as if it had come to life and was ‘dancing’ downstream. I wanted to try and paint this scene from memory. I suppose this picture is something of an exercise in seeking to portray it but also, after painting many portraits, an opportunity to try a freer more abstract style.

The fishman always comes on Friday

The fishman always comes on Friday

This image is a combination of several influences. The man’s face was inspired by a church sculpture. The fish body by a gutted dead fish I found on a beach. The blending of the two has, for me, echoes of our over fishing of our seas and how fish and man are intertwined.


The girl

The girl

A friend sent me a photograph of her daughter and I was moved by the wonderful starkness of her pale face and the mass of her hair. I wanted to embellish and amplify these elements as, it seemed to me, that by simplifying her features I could dramatise her appeal.

If you would like to contact Tony you can email him via tony{at}stonesthrow. org .uk or call him on 0795 666 7792

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Reader’s Showcase | Jimi D’s Intriguing Kinetic Sculptures

Jim Dixon {AKA Jimi D} creates mechanical art works. Over to Jim…

I am a graphic designer by training, but have professionally been engaged in a multitude of design projects including residential and commercial interiors, environmental graphics, product development, packaging, games, furniture, houses, gardens, and many other things too unusual to mention. Along with creative talents, I also have developed execution skills as an illustrator, fabricator, carpenter, plumber, electrician, mason, and mechanic.

Jim Dixon Kinetic Artist

Twisted Frankenstein

In the past year I’ve brought all the talents, skills and experience together to launch American Automata, an art studio dedicated to the creation and construction of mechanical art, or what I aptly describe as “kinetic storytelling.”

Jim Dixon Kinetic Artist

Twisted Frankenstein

I have completed my first piece, and fortunately was contacted to show it in an art exhibition in NYC at the Onichi Gallery in Chelsea. This work is the first in a series of 8-10 pieces that will be constructed over the next 18 months.

You can view this fabulous contraption in action on YouTube


You can find out more about Jim’s work on his website and you can also find him on Facebook and Twitter



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Readers’ Showcase | Alan Lew | The Art of Intricacy

Alan Jordan Lew was born in Houston, TX 1977.

Alan Lew's intricate collage based art

I started as a classical music composer at 14 then when I turned 17, mixed media collage work came into my life. Reccurring nightmares plagued me at the time about fear of the future, and the consequence of human burden. I was in my last year of high school yet depression seemed to get a hold of me more. The only way at the time to deal with the pressure of school & music was to open myself visually.

Credit Control

I am a local visual artist, and have been part of 8 group shows. I still love composing music. From modern classical to riot electro-rock. I either do art or music most parts of the day, and long into the night.

Inwex Transmissions


At first I usually have no idea what the image will look like. It’s a process that becomes easier as long as you start somewhere!

I methodically cut small pieces of paper to reconstruct the image onto another natural pattern. It was a hypnotizing experience. For hours I would make patterns and cut the patterns up on another prepared collage. Then sometimes cut that up again. Turning out almost as a “self recycled collage”

Trying to learn the value of space vs. detail comes along the way when color is balanced with shape. My only tools are a pair of regular sized scissors, as many glue sticks as it takes, and applied with my finger.

I’m not used to working with tools such as tweezers. If dealing with 3-dimensional work I must use pliers to break off parts from circuit boards and certain metals.

Moon Shine River

You can see more of Alan’s gorgeous & highly detailed work online


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Readers’ Showcase | Tara Leaver | Texture, Words & Energy

Artist Tara Leaver works in mixed media, layering papers, textures, paint and words to create rich and colourful canvasses. Over to Tara:


I am largely self taught, since completing a foundation course in Fine Art in London in 2000. I have been painting and drawing since childhood, always experimenting with different techniques and materials alongside my day jobs. Moving to Brighton from London in 2008 marked a turning point for me creatively, and has led to me producing enough work to start putting it ‘out there’. I continue to study the work of other artists and sometimes like to take classes in all kinds of disciplines from silk screen printing to pottery to life drawing, all of which help to inform my work as it develops.

Don't Fight It

I am fascinated by the textural effects that layering materials and paint can produce, and often use papers, stamps, pens, pencils, pastels, charcoal and paint glazes. I love the idea of hidden or partly obscured elements, drawing you in as you step closer to see the details. I also use a lot of text in my paintings; words and their different uses and meanings continually intrigue me and I like to include them as another layer to each piece.

Let Me Not Fear To Go Within

Since qualifying as a Reiki master I am increasingly interested in incorporating healing into my work, something which is evolving the more I work with energy.

More Beautiful

You can find out more about Tara’s gorgeous work here.

website: TaraLeaver
shop: Aquamarine Art
blog: Aquamarine


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Readers’ Showcase | Graham Rhodes | Images of Yorkshire, UK

A look at the photographic work of reader Graham Rhodes and his gallery –  Aakschipper Images, in Scarborough, England

Tea for two and two for tea


In August 2009 Graham Rhodes opened a small gallery exhibiting a selection of his unique photographs. This gallery is in an unusual location, above the public conveniences, halfway along Scarborough ’s West Pier in a grade two listed building that once housed a company buying and selling fish.


Raise high the roofbeam carpenters

Graham Rhodes has been manipulating images all his working life. As a book and record sleeve designer creating images for such clients as Octopus Books and The Police (the band not the force!), before going onto become an audio-visual designer, video director and conference producer. In his time he designed conference launches for Monster Munch, new cars for Volvo and Rover, public information films for the Home Office and Yorkshire Water, and sales conferences fo Coca Cola, British Airways and many other blue chip companies. He also created the York Story that ran for a number of years in the centre of York.

Out of the sea he came


After eighteen years in London he returned to Yorkshire heading up the production arm of a York based company. In 2001, now a full time scriptwriter for both corporate videos and computer games he moved to Scarborough where he founded a small pub based theatre company. However his purchase of a digital camera galvanised him to take his own photographs. Recognising the computer was a unique opportunity to mutate both image and colour, he took some months out to learn Photoshop techniques,  allowing him to realize his own personal artistic interpretation of the image.


Nets of such a texture

“My aim is to create photographic images that create a sense of timelessness through manipulation of colour and tone thus allowing the viewer to choose their own interpretation of the image and its rightful place in time and location.”

To see a range of Grahams images please see his web site at

For a background to Graham and a look at his wide and varied career in production and writing –


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Readers’ Showcase | Carlos Thága | The Spirit of Brazil

Introducing Carlos Thága.

Brazilian artist Carlos Thága lives in the city of Rio de Janeiro. A self taught artist, Carlos spent many years visiting the art galleries in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, where he learned to observe technical and artistic ideas.

Os Arcos

Os Arcos

He participated in several painting competitions in Rio de Janeiro, where he received several awards. He also participated in exhibitions in various places in Rio de Janeiro, such as Urca Yacht Club, Alliance Francaise (Ipanema), Hoton Palace Hotel, Brazilian Academy of Letters, the Bank of Brazil and many others.

Cores Entre Listas

Cores Entre Listas

He also participated in the state of Minas Gerais some collective and individual exhibitions also being awarded. Literary released album “500 anos the Discovery of the Americas” with writer Joaquim Branco.

Currently working on his abstractionist language canvases which have given him much pleasure.

Abstração 12

Abstração 12

He now lives with his family in the state of Minas Gerais where he creates his paintings and teaches art to groups of seniors as occupational therapy.

Find out more about Carlos on his website.

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Readers’ Showcase | Andy Hemingway | Capturing the light & drama of Northern England

Welcome to the first post in our series of readers showcases. We want to help you share your art and creativity on Artonomy and encourage you to submit work for inclusion.

This week our first artist is photographer Andy Hemingway from Yorkshire England. Over to Andy to talk about his amazing work.

Andy Hemingway Morning at Shelter Rock

Morning at Shelter Rock

I have held a lifelong love of the sometimes bleak but always beautiful hills and moors of the Pennines. My photography attempts to capture the changing moods and often dramatic atmosphere of the hills that I call home.

I was born and raised in Huddersfield and my passion for the landscape of Yorkshire started at an early age. My father would often take me on walks from when I was quite little, in the hills around the area where I grew up. Some of my earliest memories are of drystone walls, old water troughs and the local focal point which can be seen from almost anywhere in Huddersfield, Castle Hill.

Andy Hemingway Stanage Tundra

Stanage Tundra

I studied for a BTEC in Art and Design at Huddersfield Technical College, before graduating from Norwich School of Art in 1991 with a BA(Hons) Degree in Fine Art Printmaking. My work has always been about the landscape. Not just how nature has shaped it’s contours but how human beings have lived and interacted with the land. From traces of prehistoric habitation, to the scattered gateposts and millstones, it is easy to forget that many landscapes were until quite recently working landscapes. The people who lived on the land had to somehow eke out a living and they left their works, stories and names behind for us to find if we care to look.

andy hemingway fleeting light at castle hill

Fleeting Light at Castle Hill

Often returning time and time again throughout the seasons, I consider it important to know the locations where I shoot intimately. I research the history and folklore of the areas that I photograph and by visiting locations often, begin to understand how the light at different times of year falls on the views that you want to capture. Sometimes you have to wait for months or even years for the perfect conditions to capture the image that you have envisioned. Landscape photography is about so much more than capturing the scene before you but attempting to capture something of the spirit of the place.

Andy Hemingway Dawn Over Saddleworth Moor

Dawn Over Saddleworth Moor

When processing my images, I am not so concerned with adhering to a rigid representation of how the scene appeared at the exact moment that the shutter released. Although I keep within the bounds of realism, I like my colours to zing and to retain shadows and contrast. I also like quite a high contrast in my monos to push out light and cloud detail. I use graduated neutral density filters and bracket two or three exposures. I then often blend exposures together in photoshop and use layer overlays to add contrast and tone to the image. I do not use HDR.

Andy Hemingway Morning on Carl Wark

Morning on Carl Wark

Andy’s work can be seen on display at his next exhibition at Castleton Visitor’s Centre in Hope Valley, from 2nd to 30th July, with Chris Charlesworth.

See more of Andy’s beautiful work on his website.

If you would like to see your work showcased on Artonomy please click here for more information.

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