Art Marketing Resources

A few years ago I wrote an in depth ebook about art marketing, how to set up an artists website and how to promote and sell art work online. The book proved really popular and many artists reported finding it helpful.

A while back I retired the book as parts were becoming out of date. However, I have decided the best thing to do is to make some excerpts from the book available online for free in order to help as many artists as possible. I will also write new material and add it to this site to update this section on a regular basis

This is a continually growing resource of articles and will take you to our sister site – Artfolio.

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Selling Art Online

How do I sell art online?

Step 1 – Build Your Art Brand

Artists, brand & image

How to improve your art product shots

Step 2 – Create your HUB Website

  • How to create your artist’s website

Step 3 – Weave Your Web of Opportunities

  • The best sites to sell art online

Step 4 – Market Your Art Online

  • How to use Social media for artists

  • How to use Twitter for artists

  • Blogging for artists

  • How to use Facebook for artists

  • Artists newsletters & mailing lists

  • Art money & survival for artists

  • Art marketing for artists

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