How To Sell Your Art, Craft & Photos Online – E-Book

You CAN build a creative business selling your artwork online [and actually make money]

But so many artists find selling their work on the internet doesn’t come naturally and they struggle to make it work.

As a working artist and web designer my goal is to help you do it… in 5 easy-to-follow steps [and make sure you avoid the most common sales-sabotaging mistakes too]

“I want to work for myself doing something creative but I’m not sure how to sort out the web stuff”

It’s frustrating not having time to work on your art because you are having to waste your valuable creative hours on everyday 9-5 jobs just to pay the bills. By the time you have finished the money making stuff there is no time [or energy] left for your creative work. Before you know it you stop making art and become an ex-artist.

But what if you could sell your creative work online and build a micro business that gives you creative freedom, improves your existing art career or even simply generates a little more income from your creative skills?

The internet is a global gallery, open 24/7 365 days of the year to millions of people, all potential customers waiting to buy your art. Right now is a magical time of opportunity for creative entrepreneurs ready to get involved in this online revolution.

But setting up your website and starting to market and sell your artwork online can be a daunting task.

Many creative people can feel a bit uncomfortable with the marketing side of things that’s a crucial part of success as an artist today. It doesn’t neccesarily come naturally….

  • It’s easy to keep putting it off and think “I’ll sort out my website soon.” and never get round to it. Maybe you have been thinking this through for a while but have been put off starting to sell online because you didn’t know where to start.
  • Or maybe you have made that leap and have a website or art or crafts shop [ie ETSY, ARTFIRE etc] already but wonder why you don’t sell much or any work at all through it. What could you improve?

“How To Sell Your Art, Craft & Photos Online.” will guide you through the confusing maze that is selling your creative work on the internet and help you avoid the pitfalls.

My name is Helen Aldous and as well as working as an artist and selling my artwork successfully online and through galleries I also own and run a web design company creating and marketing websites. Myself and my company have been responsible for selling hundreds of thousands of widely different products online, from building supplies through surgical instruments, environmental reports, music downloads, as well as my own and other peoples artwork.
Working as both an artist and a web developer/online marketer gives me a unique perspective.

I understand the process from both sides! I know the problems of selling art online and also how the selling techniques used by big business can comfortably and easily be used by artists and creative people. I also hate seeing artists struggling to make the online world work for them and falling into the traps which mean poor sales. I passionately believe in empowering artists with the knowledge they need for selling their work successfully for themselves on the web, taking control of their lives and setting up creative micro businesses.

I have gathered all this knowledge together in a comprehensive e-book.

By following the 5 common-sense steps in the e-book you can promote your own work with lower or zero commission and costs.

The power is now in YOUR hands and the great thing is that you can set up a creative business online right now with little or no budget.

I didn’t throw together How To Your Sell Art, Craft & Photos Online over a weekend to make a bit of quick cash. This is the product of my long held belief that everyone should have access to the knowledge of how to maximise online success. Not just established artists who can afford an expensive web agency. This is a system to guide you through everything you need to know about getting your work on to the internet and selling it successfully.

When I decided I had to write this book, I sat down day after day and put together everything I could possibly think of that an artist and creative entrepreneur would need to know in order to have the best chance of success online. All the major mistakes I had made or seen others make that stop them from selling a single thing, All the resources and tools that you need. All the best websites to use. Absolutely everything I could think of that you need to know. I then put the information together into a easy to follow step-by-step program to guide you through the maze.

It took me 10 months [well actually over 2 years from the start of the project] to write this e-book and it is designed to hold your hand through the confusing process of selling your creative work online. There is no complicated techy jargon and everything is demystified for you. Its a straightforward, common sense system that helps you to start selling art, crafts, photos or any kind of creative work. You can also use it to improve your existing sales.
By the time I had finished writing the book it contained

Over 130 pages bursting with invaluable information, tools and resources to show you exactly what you need to do.

I also wanted the book to be visually easy on the eye [as an artist, the rough and ready layouts of many e-books really hurts my brain!] so I have taken the time to design the book to look good, with illustrations, easy to read page layouts and screenshots. It isn’t just a rough-arsed PDF thrown together in Word as you can see from the screenshots at the bottom of this page.
You can download the Table of Contents of the book here to see what it covers.

I also created a workbook to help guide you through the process and create a winning battle plan that you can refer back to as you work towards your goals.

This guide to selling your creative work online includes:

  • 134 page beautifully designed e-book of invaluable information.
  • A workbook to complete as you go along – to help you formulate your battle plan.
  • 100′s of links to crucial resources and tools [mainly FREE]

You can view the Table of Contents of the book here to see what it covers.

The book is currently $34.95 in order for it to be affordable to as many creative people as possible {It will probably go up to its normal price of  $58 at some point, but I want to keep it low as long as possible}

Download how to sell your art, crafts and photos online ebook - helen aldous

All the information you need in one place…

Its simple to set up a quick website to sell art online, [maybe on an art shop site or free site creator service] but how do you ensure people will visit the site and actually buy your work? That really is the tricky bit.

How to sell your art, craft & photos online gathers all the information you need into one place and tells you the useful stuff like ONE MAJOR THING that you have to get right BEFORE you even go anywhere near the web. Getting this right will often be the make or break factor as to whether your work sells AT ALL.

All in all I list the top 5 common mistakes that artists make when trying to sell online, anyone of which can mean disaster. You need to know this stuff as it’s what makes the difference between those that do well with their online creative presence and thise that don’t.

Avoiding just 1 of these mistakes could make the difference between success or failure as an artist online

Arming yourself with this knowledge can help you avoid months of fruitless work, frustration and wasted time setting up a website that is just NEVER going to sell your work. The information in this book gives you the knowledge to cut straight to the chase and get it right first time, avoiding wasting endless hours toiling over a hot computer late into the night trying to find the information you need. You could be spending that time being creative!

Heres just a small sample of what the e-book covers:

  • How to set up a professional quality website to sell art, craft or photography online. For FREE or low cost
  • The 1 THING you MUST DO before going anywhere NEAR the web
  • How to set up a WordPress website
  • The top 5 mistakes that artists make that stop them selling online
  • Ways to set up a blog and use it to attract people who LOVE your work
  • Comprehensive lists of the best gallery and shops and sites that will sell YOUR art online
  • How to avoid getting ripped off online
  • How good self promotion can mean the difference between success and failure as an artist
  • Why selling your art does not mean selling out
  • How to avoid driving potential buyers away from your website
  • How to use Twitter, Facebook, and other Social Media to increase your sales
  • How to make sure you get great results in Google and other search engines
  • How to discover what people are searching for the foolproof way – no more guesswork
  • The online rules that you MUSTN’T break if you want to be successful
  • How to build a powerful mailing list of people who love your work and are waiting to buy your latest piece
  • How to send out professional promotional emails to your mailing list
  • How to drive high quality visitors to your ETSY Shop
  • How to sell work again and again to generate a valuable revenue stream
  • How to weave a web of online opportunities all promoting sales of your artwork, handmade crafts or photos
  • How to integrate your online promotion to help sales at your real world gallery exhibitions and events
  • How to create an art marketing strategy
  • The unspoken online rules you don’t want to break
  • How to grow a community of people who LOVE your work
  • How to take payments online
  • 10 things you should never do on your website
  • How to create, edit and optimise images for the web
  • How to set up a professional e-mail address
  • Where to get publicity for your work online
  • and so much more than I can cover here. I’m running out of space, but you get the idea.

Who is this book for?

I use the word artist a lot but basically this book is for anyone who wants to sell the product of their creative process online… Artists, Designers, Illustrators, Graphic Designers, Crafters, Photographers, Sculptors… in short, all creative people.

  • It is for people who want to start selling their creative work online
  • It is for those who already sell their work online but wonder how they can improve their sales
  • It is for  anyone who wants to start a creative business online
  • It is for anyone who just wants to make a bit of extra income from their creative talents

If you are serious about selling your creative work online and being a successful creative entrepreneur – not a starving artist – then you NEED to know the information contained in “How To Sell Your Art, Craft & Photos Online. The Complete Creative Entrepreneur’s Web Survival Kit” before you even go anywhere near the Web.

I want this information to be available to as many working [and aspiring] artists and creative people as possible so the book is just $34.95 for now.

Download how to sell your art, crafts and photos online ebook - helen aldous

My Guarantee

I believe this e-book contains pretty much all you need to know to get online successfully and I  genuinely want it to help you develop your independent creative career. If you don’t feel that the book contains useful or helpful information to help you do that or are just plain unhappy with it for any reason then just email me within 6 months for a full and no hassle refund. I want you to be happy with your purchase as I appreciate that money doesn’t grow on trees at the moment so I’m making this as risk free as possible for you.

Thank You…

For taking the time to read this. I wish you genuine success with your creative career. Just keep creating.

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