Become a professional, selling, prosperous artist with the LEAP Art Marketing Newsletter

What if you cold become a professional, selling, prosperous artist with the LEAP Art Marketing Newsletter?

A word of warning though: the LEAP marketing method is designed for a specific type of artist or creative entrepreneur. Only when you’re willing to learn, work and persist, can this newsletter take you to the next level of art sales.

Dear fellow artist,

We all want to sell our work, and we want to make a good living at it. But it’s not until we let go of limiting beliefs and learn – and implement – the strategies that work that we get to sell and earn like we should.

So if you know for a fact that your work is worth more, and you have the grit and commitment to reach higher levels of success and income, then I can help.

Here’s why:Portrait Martin

I’ve created a marketing system for artists and creatives called LEAP, which I teach in a monthly print-only newsletter.

LEAP is an acronym for a systematic approach to promoting and selling your art: Listen, Explain, Ask Profit.

Each month I write tips, techniques, mindset guidance and actionable strategies in a 16-page physical (printed) newsletter that gets sent to artists and creatives all around the world.

If you know you should be earning more for your art, then let me show you how to build, grow, and sustain a real and thriving art business with ethical marketing principles and sales strategies that are effective fun and profitable.

But, it’s not for everyone: you’ll need to understand that being an artist means you’re an entrepreneur, and that you need to learn how to market your work.

If that’s you, and if you learn how to reach people, build an audience of fans, and communicate with them, you might be surprised by how much people are willing to pay for your work.

You packed an awful lot of great advice into those pages Martin. I find it difficult meeting new people but your newsletter made me want to load all my paintings in the car and go door-to-door selling them.
Talking to new people about my art is not easy, but I am understanding its necessity more and that makes it easier.

Its great to see it all laid out in cohesive document that I can easily reference when I need that much needed inspiration to keep going. Lots of great gems in there.

~ Jimmy,

There are people out there waiting for you. Not any other artist – YOU

Richard Branson said: “The first thing to do if you want to become an entrepreneur is basically to have an idea that is going to make a positive difference to other people’s lives. A business is simply that.”

And exactly the same thing applies to the business of being an artist. That’s why I created this system, to show artists and creatives how to make that difference, and communicate it to people.

I mean, people are bored senseless, mindlessly ogling the TV for want of something that’s actually meaningful.

And you as an artist are the solution to the boredom and the emptiness.

But, only if you learn how it works and put yourself out there.

Because the better you are at marketing, the better you are able to serve the world, to enrich people’s lives with your art.

Becoming good at marketing and selling, you get to bring meaning and beauty to the people who long for it.

Which is exactly what art is for:

Art makes and defines culture. We NEED art in order to be whole.

Here’s how the system works:

First, you Listen

Figuring out who your people are and how you can best help them.

Your particular art has its own meaning, and there’s an audience for that.

You’ll need to listen carefully to those people, so you can align your communications with the conversation that’s already going on in their minds.

Doing that enables you to appeal to buyers who truly value your work, and are willing to pay top dollar for it.

Next, you Explain

The newsletter teaches you how to communicate with people in such a way that you yourself, as well as your art, become meaningful to them. By explaining your why, your motivation, your mission and your passion, people become true fans, which means they won’t just buy from you – they’ll become your brand ambassadors as well.

Then, you Ask

The right time, the right frequency, and the right format to ‘ask for the sale’.

If you listen to people, they’ll tell you all that you need to know about their wishes and dreams. By explaining how your work satisfies those needs, they ready themselves to buy. And after that, all you need to do is ask for the sale.

Whether that means you invite them to check out your latest work, your gallery or your newest song, or to visit your performance or exhibition, you’ll need to ask.

The newsletter tells you how to do just that, in non-spammy, non-pushy ways.

Finally, you Profit

Creating an offer that truly helps your clients, at rates that truly increase your bottom line.

Following the LEAP method means that you’ll automatically attract highly engaged and passionate buyers. Which means that you get to charge more for your work, because let’s face it: it’s not a business if you’re not making a profit.

Not to be greedy, but to pay for training, materials, cost of living, old age – just paying the bills isn’t sustainable and you know it.

Which is why LEAP is geared to teach you how to – ethically – make a profit from your art.

You might wonder why I care, and why I do this: teaching artists how to market and sell their work

Maybe you think I’m just another marketing guy, trying to make money by teaching people how to make money.

But that’s not it.

See, I’m sort of an artist myself.

Since my teens, I’ve always been creative. I’ve written songs, stories, poetry, a stage play and a musical. I play guitar and I sing, I like photography – in other words, art and creativity are in my blood, even if I personally don’t have the ambition to sell art. (I find teaching and coaching more rewarding at this stage in my life.)

But more importantly: I used to be a tailor, trained to make extremely luxurious bespoke suits, completely made by hand. Which I can tell you is an art in itself.

But in those days when I ran a tailoring company, I didn’t think marketing was all that important. I had a blog and I had suits that were among the best in the world.

What more would I need? Quality sells itself.

One $150.000 inheritance later, I realised that quality isn’t enough.

I thought that when I had one great client in London, I could just fly out and meet 10 others, because ‘word of mouth will do the trick!’.

Well, it didn’t, and that’s how the money went. Sorry dad, I should have been wiser.

But that right there is why I do this: to prevent you from being like me 10 years ago, and to help you get your head around ethical and effective marketing strategies.

Since I went bankrupt some 7 years ago, I’ve studied marketing and sales every single day, and that’s why I can now teach you how it’s done.

Because whether you call it marketing or networking or promoting: you’ll need to get out there and show up, communicate with people.

YOU are the one who needs to seek out buyers, because the buyers aren’t going to seek you out. That’s how you go from starving to thriving artist

Because I am an artist I understand you – the insecurities, the fears and the limiting beliefs. I know first-hand how difficult it can be to find people and get them to buy.

But it doesn’t have to be like that, not when you learn the ins and outs of marketing and sales.

Many artists who have worked with me have seen their art business revolutionised.

@martinstellar has transformed my business

Paula Mould

With the LEAP system, marketing becomes a natural part of your work, instead of something you’d rather avoid. It can even become fun, to communicate with people and to learn what their needs are and how you can fill them.

When you learn to put people first instead of trying to ‘get sales’, marketing becomes something you do as a way of serving people.

Because don’t forget: if you don’t put yourself out there, they won’t find you, and those people who would LOVE your work won’t be able to buy from you.

If you can truly solve someone else’s problem, is it not your moral and ethical duty to be visible, available, and to offer them the chance to purchase your work?

I would say yes, yes it it.

I don’t want you to go it alone

I understand that as you go along – learning and testing and implementing – you’ll have questions and doubts.

After all, there are many moving parts when it comes to marketing. Your site, your social media, pricing and presentation – and what do you do if you get your first request for a commission, how do you reply?

That’s why when you subscribe to the monthly newsletter, you get direct access to me for questions.

I call it 5-minute mentoring – where you can send me an email (or two or three) every single day, to ask me any questions you have.

The only condition is that it’s one question per email – that way I can read and reply in five or ten minutes, and serve all my subscribers.

For you, it means that you won’t have to go it alone, because you’ll always have me on standby.

That’s actually consulting, which normally costs $245 per hour – but you get it in bite-size pieces at no extra cost.

Before LEAP, I was rudderless. Making art? Not a problem. Selling art? A whole other beast.

I didn’t know what to expect with my first issue of LEAP; it truly was a leap to go from lurker to active LEAPer. The first issue was good. It got me thinking. It got me moving.

But the real value of LEAP goes far beyond the newsletter; an active, intelligent, personal ear in Martin. He listens, answers emails and provides a kick as needed. There are no easy miracle solutions but there are steps, there’s a rudder and someone to watch your back (if only to give you ahard shove when you slow down).

The kick you gave me was important. Emerging as an artist is hard, a lot of work, a lot of showing up with your vital organs on the outside hoping no one is going to damage them.

I would absolutely recommend LEAP to anyone ready to take their business to the next level.

~ Paula Mould –

Why it works

LEAP works because it teaches you the ins and outs of marketing strategies, instead of promising you a simple tool that will fix your SEO or your sales or your traffic.

It teaches you the psychology of being in business, the methods and avenues of communication.

Because when it comes to art, the sale always happens in the context of relationships and conversation.

When you LEAP, you’ll learn how to…

… sell without being pushy or sleazy
… find the people who want what you make
… ways to communicate that are natural and effortless and that cause people to want your work even more
… write emails that people love reading (daily, even) and buy from
… transform your mindset and paradigm, so that you’ll weather dry spells with a smile, enthusiasm and grit
… identify the ‘problem’ that your art solves, and present the solution to people in a way that makes it irresistible
… pre-select buyers, so you’ll never have to deal with hagglers
… appeal highly desirable to high-end clients and collectors
… avoid buyers who try to micro-manage your commissions, but instead will respect your time and love the work you do
… sell by focusing on people instead of social media campaigns, ad budgets or sales copy
… connect with people, and become a person they really like to buy from
… sell the artist, and not the art (VERY few artists understand exactly how important this is)
… become popular, respected, and highly desired.
… use the principles of psychology, neuro-marketing, and sales, without ever having to jeopardise your ethics or integrity
… develop a sustainable art-business that not only pays the bills, but allows you to save, invest, and go on the holidays you deserve
… build trust and relationships with people
… become a respected and admired artist who has no trouble selling

I wish something like this had existed when I still ran my tailoring business, but there was no LEAP roadmap back then.

There were websites with yellow highlighting and animated arrows which made me feel sick to the stomach.

There were friends who said “You need a website, and sales pages.”

“You need to build a list and sell to them.”

“You need special offers, teasers, freebies.”

“You need to market your suits, Martin”.

They were right, of course.

But none of those things would have worked for me.

Nothing will ever work for you if you don’t get the first thing right.

And the first thing is: the other person – your potential client

It’s about people. YOUR people

That means you need to understand them to a tee, know exactly how they think and how they feel.

I wish that someone had sat me down and said: “If you want to grow your business, Martin, THIS is what you need to do: Listen. Explain. Ask. Profit.

You’ll also get The Spyhole Salesman’s Business Secret with your first issue of the newsletter

This is a 4-page manual I created, which shows you how to create a small, profitable product that you can use to create a higher cashflow or raise money any time you want to invest or need to pay some bills.

It includes a simple but very effective 4-week strategy you can use on Twitter or Facebook, to quickly help you raise your profile and generate extra cash.

By week four, your followers will be ready to discover what product you’re about to launch. And, if you do it right, you’ll sell.

So if you’d create a $19 product based on, or around your art, you need to sell only four of them to make back the investment of your first LEAP.

To get you started out right, the first thing you get after subscription is a free 1-hour Skype consult

Because no matter which level you’re currently at, I bet you have questions. And while I don’t have all the answers, I’m pretty sure I’m creative and read-up enough to help you jump forward.

That’s why I’ll spend an hour with you, the same week you sign up: to make sure you start selling more, at better price, as soon as possible.

If you want to sell more art, and you want to do it with my help, you get the free Skype consult, the ongoing email access and the monthly 16-page newsletter for $79.

Shipping is free no matter where in the world you live.

But, there are no refunds.

You can cancel any time though.

I was hesitant to do the Leap course. Part of me believed that I could do all this online business stuff by myself. And although theoretically true, in practice that wasn’t happening – even though I am a passionate artist and want to turn my passion into a full-time business!

What surprised me about Martin’s newsletter is how it leads to things getting done, you look back and realize how much you have done. And the fundamental changes in your perspective on selling.

The best thing, though, is the chance to ask Martin questions. This has been so helpful. It’s like having a mentor and personally I believe you really need one.

I can’t believe that I am now enjoying the business side, enjoying writing newsletters to my list which is beginning to slowly increase in number, enjoying the connection with people who like my work and enjoying getting all those practical things done which make it possible to sell your work online.
I have now received my third newsletter and am looking forward to number four.

~ Gareth Naylor, Japan


But think before you do this. You get a lot, but you’ll also have to work a lot. Meaning, the LEAP method will only work for people who are motivated and driven – only if you’re willing and able to put yourself out there persistently are you going to see any results from it.

It’s not for people who think art shouldn’t be sold, or who expect buyers to hunt them down. It’s not for you if you think that there are magic bullets or that there’s a secret ‘trick’ that successful artists have learned.

There is no ‘fix’, no secret – there’s only intense learning, continuos work, and the grit to see it through until it works.

Which is what any successful artist will tell you.

Those people work and try and test and experiment until they get it right.

Are you like that – can you muster up the strength and grit to do that?

Remember, there are no magic pills here, there is no ‘fix’. Just a reliable tool for you to learn from and to put to use.

‘Selling a fix’ is what most marketers do. And it’s what most of them try to sell artists and creatives.

But there are no quick fixes, it’s just not how things work.

The real problem you have, the one which needs to be ‘fixed’ first, is your own relationship with your people and your own business.

LEAP teaches you how to build that relationship so solid, all your other business and marketing considerations will fall into place more easily all the time as you go along.

Who needs (to) LEAP

This system is for everyone who isn’t looking for shortcuts or magic fixes, but instead understands that learning+action equals results.

LEAP is for everyone with a what I call a warrior-attitude in life and business. People who grab the bull by the horns and wrestle, if that’s what life calls for.

The berserkers who clench the sword twixt their teeth and jump.

Do-ers, makers, people who get busy and get stuff done.

So if you’re a:

  • designer
  • artist
  • writer
  • dancer
  • singer
  • creative entrepreneur
  • artisan
  • creative professional of any sort…


…in short: if you are any kind of maker of things, and you know how to take action?

Then I made LEAP for you.

  • Do you make things, do you create your own business, live life on your own terms – or want to?
  • Does the work you do provide solutions for people, or if you’re an artist – does your work enrich people’s lives and bring beauty to the world?
  • Do you have a mission, a goal, a compelling reason to grow your business and become a professional artist?

If that’s you, then click the button below to subscribe. I’ll send you a link to schedule your call, and you’ll receive your first newsletter with the next scheduled mailing, which is the first week of each month.

By subscribing, you agree to the following:
The LEAP Newsletter gets printed, published and sent during the first week of each month. Shipping is free to any country in the world. You account will be charged $79 upon subscribing, and thereafter once every 30 days. There are no refunds and all sales are final, but subscription can be cancelled at any time without questions or hassle – either manually via Paypal, or by sending an email to Each first week of the month, the new issue is printed and sent to you by priority mail. Your privacy is guaranteed: None of your personal details will be shared with third parties beyond the company that prints and sends them out each month.

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See you on the inside…

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