3 Great Local Networking Ideas for Artists {Plus A Common Mistake You MUST Avoid}

March 14, 2013

How can you start to sell your art locally – And what crucial {but common} mistake must you avoid?

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Toxic Friends – Self Confidence & The Artist

March 2, 2013

Artists can be particularly vulnerable to having their confidence damaged by toxic friends. One artist shares his story…

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Reader’s Showcase | Nadees Prabou | Stunning Colours of India

February 15, 2013

Watercolour artist Nadees Prabou lives in Pondicherry India, where he captures the beautiful drama and colour of Indian Street life…

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The Silent Beauty of Business Cards For Artists

February 12, 2013

Guest blogger Agnese Aljena writes about the power of business cards and how they are her secret weapon for promoting her beautiful photographic work.

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Exercise for the Artist’s Mind, Body and Soul

January 30, 2013

Do you feel sluggish, blocked and stiff when trying to create? Guest writer Kate Marillat shares some great tips to tune up your body and mind and keep creativity flowing…

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Selling Art Online with Instagram {5 top tips + more}

January 21, 2013

Tips and information about how to use Instagram to sell your art online {and have fun doing it}

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Seasons Greetings – Peace Be With You

December 19, 2012

Christmas is nearly upon us…

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The Circle of Life – Mandala Wisdom For Artists

November 20, 2012

Everything is cyclical – Life, seasons & creativity. How recognising this can help you in your creative work

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Reader’s Showcase | Casper Johansson | Rubber Stamp Artwork

November 13, 2012

Burma based artist, Casper Johansson works in an unusual way using rubber stamps to create his artwork.

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Did You Know Facebook Is Hiding Your Posts? Important – What You Need To Know About Promoted Posts

November 7, 2012

Facebook has recently introduced promoted posts which can mean you now need to pay to reach the fans you reached before for free. What does this mean for artists and what can you do?

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