Artists and Energy Vampires {How To Protect Yourself and Your Art} Halloween Special

October 31, 2012

Artists are easy prey for Energy Vampires who can undermine and damage their artistic energy. How can you protect yourself and your art?

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What to Consider When Printing Your Artwork and Photos

October 29, 2012

Do you know your DPI from your elbow? Is “bleed” just something that happens when you cut yourself? Getting your artwork ready for printing can be a daunting task full of technicalities. Guest blogger Carla Eaton shares some tips to make sure you get it right…

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Reader’s Showcase | Weets | Unbounded Thought

October 18, 2012

Eric G Weets creates intriguing and timeless art about the purity of unbounded subconscious thoughts

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Artists. Are you a hunter in a farmers world? | Can we survive in a non creative system?

October 16, 2012

Have you always felt like an outsider at school or work? The things that you have consistently been told are wrong with you, are actually YOUR GREATEST SKILLS.

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Reader’s Showcase | Zhenlian | Meditative Paintings

October 12, 2012

Chinese artist Zhenlian paints poetic and meditative scenes in traditional and new medias.

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Loose and Local: Using Unconventional Venues to Showcase Your Art

September 26, 2012

Think outside the box when it comes to finding new venues to showcase your art. Edward Stuart shares some original ideas for great local venues you may not have thought about…

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VAT and Art {or how NOT to get on the wrong side of the VAT man}

September 19, 2012

Although it’s often a subject we would rather not think about, It pays to understand the VAT issues facing artists and art businesses when selling art across international borders. Guest poster Mallory Wood sheds some light on this complex issue.

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Ignite Your Inner Flame and Learn To Fly

September 11, 2012

Sometimes, as artists we can find inspiration in new, wonderful and unexpected places…

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An Artist’s Guide To Crafting a USP That Sells

August 21, 2012

Your USP is what makes you unique in the marketplace. It’s a strategic consideration I think every artist needs to get right. What is it? – and why?

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The Artonomy Top 5 {stuff we love}

August 14, 2012

The Top 5 great art and art marketing related items we have found on the web recently {or our roundup of awesome things we like}

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