Special End-of-Year Site Conversion Optimisation Package

The best offer I’ve ever made, relaunched

When it comes to running an art business, it’s absolutely essential that you build a list.

Without that, you’ll find it real tough to grow and earn more.

And one of the most effective ways to grow your business is by leveraging your existing assets

For example: All the people you’ve ever sold your art to – that’s an asset to reckon with.

You could do worse than to contact them again and rekindle the connection.

After all, it’s easier to sell to a previous customer, than to a new prospect.

Same thing with your website traffic – it’s a massive asset, IF you make use of it

You’ve worked hard to become visible, and to have people visit your website.

So once those people do show up, you have the chance to have them take some sort of action.

But your site and copy need to be carefully prepared to make that happen, otherwise they’ll just enjoy looking at your art/listening to your songs etc, and leave without ever signing up.

And if that happens, all your hard work to be visible and attract traffic is moot.

This is where I can help

For the last 10 years or so, I’ve made a daily study into marketing, psychology, internet business, persuasion and engagement and sales.

That’s how I was able to earn a living as a copywriter, just months after my tailoring business bit the dust.

Today I’m offering you access to my copywriting skills, as well as everything I know about the strategies that make people take action.

And you can get it at a very steep discount indeed


Because the new year is coming up, and I want your website to be as ready as possible for converting visitors into buyers and subscribers.

And this particular package deal will make your site severely better at doing exactly that.

Here’s the deal:

  1. You will get a 2-page report that tells you in detail what you can change, move, remove or add on every single page on your website, so that when people visit and browse, they take action instead of riding off into the sunset.
  2. I will personally rewrite your about page, artist’s statement or signup page, and turn it into a piece of copy that makes you irresistible to visitors

So in short: when you implement the changes and put the copy up, your bounce rates go down and subscriber list goes up.

Normally, the total price for both services is $272.

But since you’re a subscriber, you could get both at a discount, and it would only be $200.

Except right now, you can get both for only $159.

Getting these two services will make a big difference to your business

Your list will definitely grow, and you know that you don’t have a business if you don’t have a list.

So if you’re ready for growth, more connections, a bigger audience and ultimately more sales, click the button.

I’ll be in touch ASAP to ask for the copy you need me to work on, and the URL of your site.

And you? You will have both reports delivered to you no later than the 4th of January.

Ready for growth?

Then take the opportunity, because I don’t know if I’ll ever make this offer again.

And, since creating copy and reports is actual work, I can only take on a limited number of clients for this.

So I have no idea how long this offer stands, it could be gone in just a few days – but I do know that this opportunity ends when 2015 ends.

This is your chance to get the site optimisation package at a discount, but only until Dec 31st


A two-page custom-made list of everything that needs to be changed on each page of your site

•    Font type and size
•    Placement of links, optin forms and calls to action
•    Strategic use of colours and space
•    Navigation structure and landing page design

And much, much more – Anything I see that breaks conversion, you’ll see instructions in the report on how to change it.

One expert rewrite of one of your pages (about, or artist’s statement, or signup page – 500 words max)

Delivery by January 4th at the latest.

Within a few days of working his magic on my Coaching page it generated over $2000 from new clients. Not too shabby for an ex-monk living in a small town in Spain!
He is a wordsmith, skilled in the art of sales copy and marketing. Because really, what else would you learn at a monastery? ;-)

~ Sandi Amorim, Deva Coaching

 Special end-of-year list building & site optimisation package

Exclusive to email subscribers – limited availability

Only $159 – Get it now



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