Email Marketing Expert Reveals Insider Secrets in 1-on-1 Mentorship Program

Email Marketing Expert Reveals Insider Secrets in 1-on-1 Mentorship Program

Let Me Show You How You Can Use Daily Emails to Build an Engaged Audience of Passionate Fans Who Just Love Reading Your Emails and Are Eager to Buy From You


Portrait MartinQuestion for you: what does your art marketing strategy look like?If you’re like most people, you have a website, you’re working to drive traffic, you’re probably blogging and getting your name out on Social Media.But what about your sales? How do you actually turn that traffic and exposure into purchases and cash in the bank?And also: are you getting enough sales?Most people will say: More clients please.If that’s you, then come along as I show you a strategy that’s cheaper than Pay Per Click, more effective than blogging, and more fun than a date with Angelina Jolie.

Before we go on: What I’m about to explain to you really works, but you’ll need to work at it as well.

The solution I’m going to show you is not a product – it’s a training process that grooms you to effortlessly write, connect and sell. But that grooming learning period will require your effort. If you can’t find the time, or if you know you won’t spend at least one hour each day, then this won’t really work for you.

If you do put in the time though… amazing things can happen. Let me show you.

How you can leverage the full potential of your personality, your knowledge and experience, just by writing and emailing frequently (or even daily)

You really unlocked the writer in me.

I’ve always felt that I had a book in me, and often when I reread something I’d written I felt it was pretty good, but writing had always been enormously stressful.

Nowadays I really enjoy the daily writing, and I feel like: “Yeah, I can write”. And I get the feedback from people, that’s a great thing too.

The thing is to just write, and not think of what comes out. You supported me, showed me how to just write, but then you also turned it into a form that wasn’t just self exploration, you helped me turn it into a situation where I actually have something for other people to feel inspired with.

You did unlock it, with your little process and your persistence. Thank you.

~ Preeti Helena,

You might need to get used to the idea, but people would absolutely love to hear from you, very probably every day. Every single day. Not everybody, mind you – but the people who are your perfect customer couldn’t get enough of your writing.

How do I know?

Imagine you have a bothersome problem – let’s say dandruff. You’ve tried all kinds of treatments: Doctor’s prescriptions, expensive shampoos, natural products, clay and potions – but nothing works.

Your shoulders perpetually look like it’s snowing where you live. Even when you wear a white shirt.

That stuff sucks. You get to feel insecure, going out loses its charm, and frankly you wonder if all this isn’t going to make you depressed one of these days.

One day you run into a guy on the bus, who turns out to be a hairdresser who has a lot of experience with dandruff. Claims he’s helped many people over the years – some got remarkable improvements and others completely got rid of it.

Now, I don’t know about you, but if I had dandruff I’d want that guy talking to me 24/7 about any possible solution that might work for me. I would only get enough once I get rid of the problem.

And that is the secret behind email marketing: you solve a problem of some sort for your customers – and as long as they don’t yet decide to buy, you bet they’re going to want to hear tips, tricks, suggestions and solutions.

Which you deliver every day in their inbox, with a fun, useful, informative (sales generating) email

To learn how to do that, I’ve created a mentoring program, craftily entitled Starship Mentorprise.

What that does is this: I review what you write and provide custom reports, while coaching you step by step on the techniques I’ve taken years to master.

Those are the very same techniques that I use, and that have given me such an unbelievably passionate readership in just a few months. (And THANKS guys – If you’re on my list, I love you.)

Martin can help you make the changes you need to make to reach your most authentic goals. As a writing coach he is direct while also being gracious. His ideas are visionary, with a practical approach. He will challenge you in a positive, transformative way.

The writing mentorship program has helped me become a faster writer and develop a writing style that “listens.” Writing quickly in a way that feels relaxed, conversational, and inviting helps me connect with people. It’s an asset in every aspect of my work.

He has helped me in a positive, transformative way. Writing used to be slow and painful, but now it’s more fun and playful. The skills I’ve learned are invaluable for connecting with people.

~ LH, Photographer

Starship Mentorprise – Writespeed Coaching: How it works

Each week you send me one draft – of an email that you would like to send to your list, or an article that you want to post.

I read it with much scrutiny, and then I’ll write a custom, 2-page report that goes through your copy in fine detail, telling you exactly how to fix that piece and get it ready to send or publish.

Line by line, everything you need to know.

The words to use, psychological mechanisms, triggering an expectation at the start for the call to action you end with…

Each week a new page, each week new improvements and new techniques that gradually turn you into a very effective writer.

Which means: Learning how to write so that people love reading you and look forward to the next one – AND be super primed to buy from you.


Get on board the Starship Mentorprise


$1799 for 3 months/12 custom reviews

Learn to effortlessly write copy that builds you an audience and gets you sales



There’s a bit of bad news though: this is no walk in the park

Like I said: writing mentorship will only work for people who put in the hours. Commitment, dedication, practice, repetition. That sort of stuff.

Like I’m fond of saying: Nothing is going to work unless you make it work.

So once we start, I’ll be expecting an article or email each week, and I’ll be the monkey on your back to make sure you keep writing.

Otherwise, your investment wouldn’t get you the results you need. And we want this method to work for you, and get you better results and more sales.

You’ll also need to be a mature and motivated learner, because you’ll be receiving writing critiques and instructions for improvement, not a back-patting fest.

I’m fair and supportive, but you’re here to learn and work and learn and get really good, so I can be pretty ruthless in getting you there if I have to. But, always with a smile.


But: If You Have the Right Attitude and You’re Eager to Improve Your Writing, I’ll Show You How You Can:

• Write emails people look forward to receiving, every day

• Never be short of topics (how cool is that?)

• Write headlines that get you consistently high open rates (45% on average sound good to you?)

• Avoid the kill words that make people stop reading

• Unobtrusive insert calls to action into every single email you send, without worrying about people unsubscribing because of it

• Gently force the ‘wrong’ kind of readers to unsubscribe (the tire-kickers and freebie-hunters who’ll never be your client anyway) and who will only report you for spam if ever you dare to make a special offer

• Choose topics that people love reading, day after day after day

• Use effortless, casual content writing to engage with readers and build an extremely passionate audience

• Write at the speed of light (honestly, 80% of my daily emails take me 30 minutes or less to write. You want that speed, and you can learn it)

• Turn phrasing around to – ethically – ‘trick’ people into hearing you out

• Prepare your readers’ minds for the salescopy they see after the click

• Develop your own voice and a consistent writer persona


Need more?


You’ll also learn how to:

• Build an audience that expects your email in their inbox and actually looks for it

• Reduce spam rates to nearly zero – ironically by emailing more frequently

• Use ethics to build trust

• Write daily yet rarely get unsubscribes

• Write in such a way that all your ‘bad’ readers leave without reporting you for spam

• Have tons of fun building an audience

• Get sales even out of a tiny, tiny list (you don’t want to know small my list is – but I get sales nonetheless and so can you)


You Have Two Choices: Either You Struggle Along With Whatever Strategy You Have Right Now, or You Cut To the Chase and Do What Smart Entrepreneurs do: Email Daily


And I’ll be there to show you how.

What you get with your mentorship program

Each week, you receive a custom report, specifically reviewing your draft copy.

You submit your document before Monday morning, and you’ll have it reviewed before the following Saturday.

I’ll make sure to pour everything I know into the feedback, no holds barred.

If it’s in my head and you need to know, I’ll tell you. And what comes out is a lot:

Your reviews were excellent and there’s a gold mine of information in much so that I found, to my chagrin, that I can’t just skim them and apply the findings..they merit careful study and proper application…so you can guess what I’ll be doing during my lunch times for the next few weeks…so long Murakami…

~ Jimmy Kelly, Ireland

What it does

It shows you exactly, point by point and line by line, how you can change your writing to get higher engagement, more passionate fans, active brand ambassadors and more sales than you thought possible.

The speed of your progress depends on you: the more you write, the faster you’ll advance.

If you write a lot and pay close attention, you could be pulling in sales within a month.


Why you want it

Because you can’t afford to not email your people (or publish to your blog, for that matter).

For all the new products, strategies and services out there, email is still the number 1 conversion engine.

Marketing gurus keep reinventing and repackaging tested methods and touting them as the hottest thing, but the one that keeps coming round most frequently is email marketing.

It just won’t go away, because it still works.

No matter how many marketing ‘gooroos’ tell you email is dead.

Email isn’t dead – it’s very much alive and kicking.

And, selling.


How to get started today

Click the button here below and proceed to checkout. Then, get to writing and send me your first draft as soon as you can.

You’ll have your first personal review within a week after submitting.


Why you really, really want it

Because getting sales doesn’t have to be hard, or feel icky. Writing emails is fun, for you and your readers.

And it’s easy, once you’ve learned the tricks and you understand how turn practically everything that happens throughout your day can become an email topic.

Oh, and did I mention it’s one of THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAYS for getting sales?

“Martin’s Mentorship Program is exactly what I needed. As a small business owner, writing good blog posts is important to me. But it’s also hard. I’ve taken online writing and blogging classes, but those still left a gap.

Martin’s service fills that gap by editing my own writing attempts. His comments go wide and deep; he covers content organization, message and tone, and the right tools to use to keep the reader positively engaged.

He provides a truly personalized and unique, high value service.

If you want to get better at writing your blog posts, I highly recommend you give it a try.”

~ Inge de Bleecker, Principal/User Experience Architect at

“Absolutely got loads from that first report. Still going through it and enhancing what I’ve written.
There’s loads of great stuff in that report. Will send it back over to you for another review over the weekend if that’s okay.”

~ Bill E.

“I’m going through the review at the moment, first impressions are that this process is going to be very very helpful and your critique approach is easy to follow…
Everything you say in the review makes sense…and I’m actually looking forward to re-writing the piece again…”

~ Jimmy K.


It’s time to become a stellar writer and sell more art

Join me on a voyage into building an engaged audience, a fanbase, and easier sales than you could imagine:

Get coaching at the speed of write.

A few practical details:

The setup is for a period of three months minimum, with extra months added. Two reasons: You can only benefit from this training if you take it seriously, and practice and write and practice. And there’s nothing like making a substantial investment to hold you accountable and ensure you actually put in the time. That’s psychology.

Also: one month isn’t going to cut it – it wouldn’t be enough time to create the change in your writing, your thinking and your regular writing practice to get you the full benefits. So, three months minimum runtime.

Finally, there are no refunds, and one draft per week is required. If you skip a week, then that’s fine by me, but you’ll lose that week. You WILL write. It’s that important.

So, if you can live with those conditions, and if you’re ready to become a stellar writer, then may I invite you to…

Get on board the Starship Mentorprise today

$1799 for 3 months/12 custom reviews

Learn to effortlessly write emails that build your audience and sell your art


But there’s more!


When you work with me, I’ll also be available to answer quick questions – if you get stuck or need a tip, fire me an email and I’ll respond.

That’s actually consulting, which normally goes at $275 per hour – yours free if you become a student.

Because it’s important that you don’t just learn the writing tricks, but also understand how to put them to use, and how it fits into your overall content strategy.

So what do you say, ready for take-off?

Get on board the Starship Mentorprise

$1799 for 3 months/12 custom reviews

And don’t forget: you get email access for questions, so really I don’t think you want to miss out.

Special Bonus offer for new students:

Receive a completely free 60-minute Skype consultation with me ($245 value)


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