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Disconnect to connect

As an artist I have found it’s crucially important to try and disconnect from the web sometimes in order to recharge my creative batteries and enjoy reality more. Sunday has become my “disconnect to connect” day. This lovely little ad from Thailand reminds us why this is a good idea.

Online scams targetting artists. Advice on how to avoid getting caught out.

Unfortunately artists who sell their work online seem to be targets for fraudsters operating on the web. If you familiarise yourself with their methods you should be able to avoid falling for their scams. I thought it was a good idea to talk about this for any artists who weren’t aware so this month I have found some great resources to help protect and advise against this problem.

Sure Signs of an Internet Scam and How to Stop It Cold

Alyson B Stanfield gives a great outline of what an internet art scam can look like and ways to deal with it.

Art Scammer Database

If you get a suspicious message you can check the name against known art scammers in this database from Fine Art Studio Online. {Remember though, if the name isn’t in the database it could still be a scam}.

And in other news…

14 art business tips from the top art pros on Twitter

This is a gem. Lori McNee asked the art pros on Twitter to share an artbiz tip in 140 characters. Their response contains some GREAT advice.

The creative process – illustrated!

This is totally genius. If you ever think that it’s just you who goes around in ever decreasing creative circles in your head then look at this illustration. We all do this 😉

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2 replies
  1. Helen Aldous
    Helen Aldous says:

    Yes. Im finding just one day away from the computer really helps my thought processes. Not very good at it though. I keep creeping back to check stuff. What an addict!. LOL

  2. Monette Satterfield
    Monette Satterfield says:

    Your disconnecting time really resonates with me. I’ve noted before that I have specific days set aside as creating-thinking-studio days, and I try to stay away from the computer as much as possible. Maybe it’s time to go further and set a whole day of leaving it off 🙂

    The illustrated creative process is priceless! Thanks for finding that 🙂


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