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Ever hear of Owen Garratt? He’s famous for selling $1mln worth of art in one year, without the use of external galleries.

Who says an artist can’t live from their art, hm?

I’ve just received the link to the video interview I did with him last week, and you gotta watch this.

No, but seriously. It’s good.

It’s my second installment in the Art Marketing Experts Interview series, and did I mention it’s real good?

You’ll hear:

• Why Owen is proof that can’t ever let up on your promotion efforts – but if you keep it up, you can earn well – or even very well indeed

• Owen’s tried and tested, systematic approach for showing up in front of the right people over and over again

• Why you must keep being active and stay ahead of the changes

• Why for some artists the actual art making is less than 10% of being in business as an artist, and why that’s ok because:

• Artists need to understand that the marketing is every bit as creative as making art

• After all, creativity is the ability to solve a problem

• You’ll hear Owen explain why the promotion of art is about education, validation and communication

• An interesting thought: why the artist is the bridge between the art and the buyer

• Why Owen believes in personal responsibility

• Getting in front of the right people – including OPA (other people’s audience)

• Why you need to figure out ‘who you are’ so that your message is clear

• How you can tap into memories and find the right audience

• Why Owen thinks luck is a mix of preparation and hard work

• How to use different venues to build relationship and a list

• Why marketing and courtship are almost the same (I’ve said that too)

• How to use a drawbox to sell your art

• How to use an email drop to build your list

• How to give away your art without devalueing it and get more sales that way (I hadn’t thought of that yet)

• Why and how Owen uses a newsletter pounce

• Why you absolutely don’t want to have something for everyone

• How to earn money from upsells with frames, and how that works out cheaper for the buyer than if they’d go to a professional framer

• Why you don’t need to show your entire inventroy

• How to be the right artist, with the right art, at the right time, in the right environment

• Think like a buyer: why and when are people looking to buy what kind of art

• Why commerce isn’t free and why that’s a good thing

• Why you must show up so you can interact with the buyer directly

• Why you get more results the more systematic you get, and why being systematic isn’t boring: it’s liberating!

• Why you shouldn’t subsidise the decorating budget of other businesses

• Why Owen prefers to avoid galleries, because you still need to bring the audience – but you don’t get to own the list

• Why you should never be the beta tester for any venue or event. Ever.

• Why you need to find the right facet of the gem that you are, so that you get to be more interesting

• But, without having to make a documentary about yourself

Yes, it’s a lot.

In fact, the dude was on fire, and I had to cut him short after two hours because he can talk the legs off a donkey.

The good thing though is that almost everything he says is smart, useful, and tested.

So, grab a cup or glass of your fav, and enjoy this interview with Owen Garratt.

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