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Sell Your Art Online

7 Different Ways To Sell Your Art Online

Nothing can be better than seeing your art adorning the walls of someone’s household, so reaching out to people with your art is the best thing that you can do, and selling your artworks is the step to do it.

Selling your art is as difficult as creating it. Promoting and persuading people to buy your artwork can be a tough job, but not until you choose the right method to do it.

Smart promotions have the power to creatively attract buyers while establishing your brand name successfully at the same time.

A majority of people know this already, though the problem rises the moment they decide to sell it without any prior experience. As a new art creator, promoting and selling can be extremely confusing.

Whether it is the pricing, packaging, or the appropriate platform to choose, inconveniences may arise, but what even is a creative person who cannot face complexities? As an artist, you must be ready to tackle such concerns, and you can start doing it by learning some of the best ways to sell your art.

Here are seven different ways to sell your art online, that you can easily incorporate in your marketing approaches for reaching a large number of people to make great sales.

Start an online shop

As much as you like to buy stuff from the comfort of your household, give the same ease to the art buyers too, by selling your art on an online shop. Various websites offer you an online marketplace to sell your artwork. Create an account, upload the image of your artwork, and you are ready to sell or either buy artwork from the same.

Thousands of other art enthusiasts use this site to sell their artwork. You can try out the same by logging in and setting up an online shop for yourself. Web sites such as Redbubble, Saatchi art, and Artnet can be the place you are seeking to start your online shop.

Promote your art on blogs

Blogs are the most prominently used method to drive the audience towards your artwork by informing them about its creation and complexities. You can drive traffic to your blog by posting as a guest on more prominent blogs that own a large readership. Curate skillful blogs and interact with the audience.

It might pique the curiosity of the readers to try your personal blog too, in case they like your content. Promoting art through blogging creates connections that might lead your readers to turn into a successful customer in no time. All it takes to gain that growth is an engaging piece of work.

Offer variety

Just as they say variety is the spice of life, you must also offer variety to your audience, which can drive them to buy your artwork. The variety must not be limited to the type of artwork. You might try and offer different ways of presentation for your art. For instance, try various canvases that differ in color, texture, sizes, or shape.

Use attractive packaging to make it look appealing while adding some personal touches too. Not only your efforts make the customer giddy, it will also ensure that they come back to buy more from you.

Use social media platforms

Social media is the best tool to gain inspiration, audience, and customers altogether in one place. Its smart usage can highly benefit you in several ways that operate more than just a single way. To sell your art, you would need the relevant audience, and no place is better than social media sites to spread your expressions.

You can perceive sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook a free space for advertising your artwork and gain customers for your artwork. Though, to initiate sales, you must have a healthy following base, which is just a creative post away. Use all the features such as tag, hashtag, stories, and many more as such to create engaging posts and witness the growth yourself.

Try Google Ads 

Google ad is a powerful tool to sell a service that is also steadily making its place among artists. Google shows your advertisement to anyone who searches for keywords similar to that of your artwork. Your product will appear on the search results as soon as it is related to your artwork. Google does not charge you to show your add up in results though it only charges if someone clicks on it.

Photograph your art well 

We all know how much people appreciate aesthetically appealing products, so why not take advantage of this and promote your artwork? Click beautiful pictures of your artwork around your household, walls, or gallery. A visually appealing picture catches attention easily, leading more people to engage with your art or to buy them.

Ask your friends to share

The more people see your art, the better the chances of your art sales to grow. Take plenty of advantage of your contacts by asking them for this small favor of sharing your online shop link, art page, or blog. This small help can go a long way for you, so ask your acquaintances to spread the word.

These are a few ways that you may use to sell your art online. Following each smartly, can help you to see noticeable growth sooner than expected!

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