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Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg Animated Gif

Jamie Beck and her partner Kevin Burg create little pieces of cinematic art by combining video with photography to create beautiful animated gifs. Jamie is a street photographer and Kevin has a background in motion graphics. This re-appropriation of a much abused medium often reserved for flashing effects on Myspace is startling and the effect is magical. It is used to great effect on Jamies photography blog From Me To You and you can view more gorgeous animated gifs here

Facebook – The crucial CAN’S and CANNOT’S

If you run a Facebook page promoting your art {or if you want to} it’s incredibly easy to fall foul of Facebook’s promotion rules. At worst this could mean getting banned from Facebook and your page and profile being deleted. Therefore it is incredibly important to know the rules. Build a little Biz blog has created a handy list expaining the LATEST rule changes.

What should artists blog about?

A tricky part about starting your own art blog is knowing what to say!. The Abundant Artist gives some great advice.

What if there were no more art galleries?

“What if there were no art dealers, no “art reps”, and no commercial galleries to sell our work?”

“What if we summoned the courage to take full responsibility for our careers instead of placing our future in someone else’s hands?”

Kesha Bruce asks some crucial and inspirational questions…

What do you think art collectors want from an artist website?

Brian Sherwin discusses this crucial question in relation to artists websites. How does your website measure up?


Some wonderful resources and discussions this month. Enjoy


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