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7 Different Ways To Sell Your Art Online

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Artists! 5 essential goals for art success in 2020 : A backside kicking list.

What can you do in 2011 to improve your career as an artist? 5 ESSENTIAL to-do’s that will push you art career forward. Start the New Year the way you mean to go on…


Art Marketing Expert Interview: How to Get Massive Amounts of Free Publicity for Your Show or Creative Business

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Interview: How to Attract Oodles of Engaged Traffic to Your Website, With Ana Hoffman

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Interview: Owen Garratt on How to Show Up to the Right Art Buying Audience

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Now THIS is how you write an art-selling email (instructions inside)

Last week, LEAP subscriber Maria Berg sent an email to her list, and it blew me away. It actually choked me up a bit, and that’s not an easy thing to achieve. What with me being such a rugged manly man and all… Seriously though, you want to learn how she did it, because she […]

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Overwhelmingly Disappointing Survey Consensus. BUT! I’ve Got Your Back

Two things stood out in last week’s survey results. First, a very large number of artists had real trouble having the confidence to market their work. Which I can understand: I know as well as any artist that getting your own creation out into the world can be tough. Point in case: that novel of […]