The Artonomy Top 5 {stuff we love}

The Top 5 art and art marketing related items we have found on the web recently {AKA our roundup of stuff we like}

Thomas Heatherwick ~ Just Awesome

Heatherwick designed the Olympic cauldron featured in the Olympic opening ceremony in London. A major solo exhibition of his work showcases his career to date. Via BBC

Creativity and the Fear of “Putting Yourself Out There” Seven ways to overcome fear and be more creative

Susan Cain is the author of QUIET: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.

I discovered her work a few months back and its extremely interesting to me to discover that I am a natural introvert and exactly what that means about how I work. Far from being a negative trait, introversion can be very powerful. However, it can often impact on artists abilities to put their work out for all to see and Susan discusses this in this very interesting article via psychology today.

Susan Caine’s TED talk

Following on, Susan Caine delivered a great TED talk about the power of introversion and creativity. Well worth watching. {if the video doesn’t show below please click here}

Case study: How a 22-year old made $28,139 on Etsy

Ben Kafton sells architectural drawing silkscreen prints on Etsy. This in depth study analyses in depth his cross selling strategies to maximise his income. See exactly how he did it. Via I will teach you to be rich.

How I Made $50,000 Selling Art on Facebook

Along the same lines, Natasha Wescoat is an extremely successful artist, selling and licensing her work online. Here she shares her Facebook strategy which enabled her to sell $50,ooo dollars of art through Facebook. Extremely useful. Via The Abundant Artist


image: LOCOG / olympic opening ceremony tumblr

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Best of the web | March 2012 | Don’t miss these

33 ways sell art online

I LOVE this list of 33 Ways to stay creative

I havent been able to verify an author despite a trawl round the internet so if this is yours please contact me for a proper link and credit.

Paul Graham writes about how to find and do work that you love

If you only read one thing this month then make it this…

Riusuke Fukahori paints incredible 3D Goldfish in resin ponds

I have been totally blown away by the incredible art of Riusuke Fukahori. Its hard for your brain to understand that the fish aren’t real until you see his technique and understand how he creates the paintings. Beautiful and calming with a wonderful Zen quality. Watch the creation of goldfish below.

“Goldfish Salvation” Riusuke Fukahori


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Best of the web | October 2011 | Don’t miss these

Lori Nix | Imagined cities in decay

I recently discovered the surreal and beautiful photography of Lori Nix. Lori creates magical worlds in front of her camera. Here she describes her work…

“In my newest body of work “The City” I have imagined a city of our future, where something either natural or as the result of mankind, has emptied the city of it’s human inhabitants. Art museums, Broadway theatres, laundromats and bars no longer function. The walls are deteriorating, the ceilings are falling in, the structures barely stand, yet Mother Nature is slowly taking them over.” – Lori Nix
I love the care taken to create this work. You can also read Lori’s blog here.

Steve Jobs: ‘Death is life’s best invention’

In 2005 Steve Jobs  made an inspirational speech to Stanford University in which he said his mortality was what helped him to make the big choices in his life… He’s right…

Why are Americans leaving good jobs to go solo?

The BBC reports on the growing number of  Americans who are quitting their jobs to start up their own businesses to do something they enjoy. How are they fairing in their new ventures?

“I started recognising that my talent wasn’t just a commodity, it wasn’t a thing separate from me. I want to hitch my own star to my own wagon.” Tara Street, co-founder, Braid Creative


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Where To Find The Best Arts News & Information

There are many ways to engage in the arts; through gallery visits, buying art, attending openings and receptions or becoming a museum member. But with the information overload it may be challenging to filter out the excess and drill down to what you want to know.

By employing art media into your life you can keep up with the art news and choose what to see and when. Listed below are some of the avenues we can all take through our various media outlets to follow art news, art happenings and the cultural world we live in.

  • From the UK and the Guardian we have Art Weekly with news on the latest gallery shows in the London area.

  • Contemporary Art Daily gives us a daily journal of international exhibitions.

  • Art Business News is just as it sounds. All about the business of art. This includes trade show calendars, gallery and artist profiles and tips on how to increase your sales in the galleries. Its mission is described as “reporting the latest industry news and emerging trends driving the fine-art market.”

  • Founded in 1996, Art World News focuses on art publishing, custom framing, gallery news and the business of the individual artist. This trade magazine is print only; from the web site go to Subscribe to receive free issues of the magazine.

  • Décor Magazine was first published in 1880 and is the premier go-to magazine for those who work in custom framing, interior design, publishing, home furnishings and décor manufacturing. Decor is published monthly. I enjoy it for its color trend articles which are always spot-on and a must have for artists and publishers.

  • Artnet explodes with information and not just in English. This energetic online forum boasts sites in Germany and France as well. Artnet is essential for those who follow art auctions, art openings, the latest and hottest artists out there and significant art events throughout the world.

  • For the independently minded with a hint of underground, read Juxtapoz Magazine. This online news source and print media offers categories in street art, tattoo, erotic and illustration. Additionally look for event calendars, artist profiles, videos, community information, gallery guides and photography. If this doesn’t make you rush into your studio and make stuff then I don’t know what will.

  • Art in America may sound like it spotlights only one country but in reality they push the borders with news on international exhibitions, international artists and news opinion from the world over. The strengths of this publication are heavily inclined to contemporary art in major urban hubs such as Los Angeles, New York City, Italy and Britain.

I suggest starting locally and move out from there. Push your artistic envelope and be open to what’s going on in artistic centers such as New York, Milan, London and Los Angeles.

The art world is alive and kicking and as bold and inventive as ever.

© 2011 Jan Weiss

Artist Bio – Jan Weiss

Jan Weiss, a northern California native is a freelance writer and artist specializing in home decor. With a strong background in art publishing and art trends, Jan shares this knowledge with the trade as well as individual artists.

Weiss has just completed her first eBook for artists, titled: The Coexistence of Art and Money; interested buyers can find this book as well as her art through several on-line galleries such as Artist Rising, Image Kind and Etsy.  Jan’s style is a mixed of collage, digital creations and abstract landscapes that will appeal to the hospitality buyer. She lives with her husband, cat and dog in the Bay Area and enjoys organic gardening, cooking, reading and making stuff.

You can find Jan at

Post image by Nick Sherman under Creative Commons

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Best of Art Marketing On The Web | May 2011 | Don’t Miss These

Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg Animated Gif

Jamie Beck and her partner Kevin Burg create little pieces of cinematic art by combining video with photography to create beautiful animated gifs. Jamie is a street photographer and Kevin has a background in motion graphics. This re-appropriation of a much abused medium often reserved for flashing effects on Myspace is startling and the effect is magical. It is used to great effect on Jamies photography blog From Me To You and you can view more gorgeous animated gifs here

Facebook – The crucial CAN’S and CANNOT’S

If you run a Facebook page promoting your art {or if you want to} it’s incredibly easy to fall foul of Facebook’s promotion rules. At worst this could mean getting banned from Facebook and your page and profile being deleted. Therefore it is incredibly important to know the rules. Build a little Biz blog has created a handy list expaining the LATEST rule changes.

What should artists blog about?

A tricky part about starting your own art blog is knowing what to say!. The Abundant Artist gives some great advice.

What if there were no more art galleries?

“What if there were no art dealers, no “art reps”, and no commercial galleries to sell our work?”

“What if we summoned the courage to take full responsibility for our careers instead of placing our future in someone else’s hands?”

Kesha Bruce asks some crucial and inspirational questions…

What do you think art collectors want from an artist website?

Brian Sherwin discusses this crucial question in relation to artists websites. How does your website measure up?


Some wonderful resources and discussions this month. Enjoy


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Best of the web | April 2011 | Don’t miss these

Nothing is Original - Austin Kleon


How to steal like an artist {and 9 other things nobody told me}

This amazing post by Austin Kleon is based on a talk he did in New York. It is a list of 10 things he wished he was told in college. Brilliantly sage advice for artists everywhere. An absolute must read for all creative folks.

The Importance of Being an Artist in Today’s Modern World

Sometimes. with the economy the way it is, it’s difficult to see where the future of art is heading. Artist Lori McNee shares some thoughts.

Artomat Art Vending Machines

A lovely idea. Art-o-mat machines are retired cigarette vending machines that have been converted to vend art. There are over 90 active machines in various locations across America. You can submit art to be sold. Just wish there were some in the UK.

Where the feeling of overwhelm comes from (and how to destroy it)

We have been talking about overwhelm on Artonomy this month. Peter Shallard offers psychological advice to entrepreneurs and offers another and interesting angle on the best way to deal with it..

A Brief Guide To Life

Continuing the theme {I have gone a little existential this month – I think it’s due to the long Easter break!} Leo Babauta over at Zen Habits has a wise and simple manifesto for a simplified and more stress free life.

Heres To The Crazy Ones…

The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently…


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Best of the web | February 2011 | Don’t miss these

Be Happy – The meaning of life

This little video is just gorgeous – Nothing more to say!

Have you ever wondered about Art Licensing?

Artist Tara Reed has a great blog where she has a LOT of information about the ins and outs of art Licensing. This post What’s Your Art Licensing Story? where artists share their own stories about how and why they started in the art licensing world is particularly useful.

Facebook Promotions: What You Need to Know

If you admin a Facebook page about your art it used to be extremely easy to fall foul of Facebook’s promotion rules. They have relaxed a lot in the last few months but its a good idea to know exactly what you can do rather than run the risk of getting your page banned. This page by Facebook queen Mari Smith explains the ins and outs of Facebook promotion

What does the near future of the gallery system look like?

Brian Sherwin {who knows a lot about galleries} talks about what the future holds and why the news is good for self representing artists.

You Can’t Do That: Galleries, Agencies, and Online Art Sales

“If you really want to be in control of your art sales, if you really want to control your life and your career and your time – you need to take the time to make your online presence as good as possible”.

A great post about taking control by The Abundant Artist

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Best of the web | January 2011 | Don’t miss these

Creative Entrepreneurs month

Hugh Macleod’s Ignore Everybody

I love Hugh MacLeod’s take on creativity. {see image above} 

Check out Hugh’s tips for creativity in Art and Business

Make sure you scroll down. These are so true.

Freedom, money, time and the key to creative success

Mark McGuiness of Lateral Action has created a FREE E-book detailing his struggles to find a balance between freedom, money, time and his creativity. Its an interesting and inspiring read and you don’t have to register to download. Read it here

I thoroughly recommend having a look round too. It’s packed full of great info on creative entrepreneurship

John T Ungers Art Heroes Radio

John T Unger is a great example of an artist doing well on his own terms by using the power of the internet to reach a global audience. He creates stunningly beautiful firebowls out of metal and sells them all over the world. Art Heroes radio is his project whereby we can all learn from his great interviews with artists who are living and working successfully in the arts.

Check out his own site too for a good example of a great artists website in action

And finally… Should I work for free?

In short… NO

In long… well, see what has to say. 😉

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Best of the web | November 2010 | Don’t miss these

Disconnect to connect

As an artist I have found it’s crucially important to try and disconnect from the web sometimes in order to recharge my creative batteries and enjoy reality more. Sunday has become my “disconnect to connect” day. This lovely little ad from Thailand reminds us why this is a good idea.

Online scams targetting artists. Advice on how to avoid getting caught out.

Unfortunately artists who sell their work online seem to be targets for fraudsters operating on the web. If you familiarise yourself with their methods you should be able to avoid falling for their scams. I thought it was a good idea to talk about this for any artists who weren’t aware so this month I have found some great resources to help protect and advise against this problem.

Sure Signs of an Internet Scam and How to Stop It Cold

Alyson B Stanfield gives a great outline of what an internet art scam can look like and ways to deal with it.

Art Scammer Database

If you get a suspicious message you can check the name against known art scammers in this database from Fine Art Studio Online. {Remember though, if the name isn’t in the database it could still be a scam}.

And in other news…

14 art business tips from the top art pros on Twitter

This is a gem. Lori McNee asked the art pros on Twitter to share an artbiz tip in 140 characters. Their response contains some GREAT advice.

The creative process – illustrated!

This is totally genius. If you ever think that it’s just you who goes around in ever decreasing creative circles in your head then look at this illustration. We all do this 😉

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Best of the web | October 2010 | Don’t miss these.

Take 10 minutes at lunchtime to watch this thought provoking animation. Really important discussion touching on the reason artists often find it so hard at school.

Why being a square peg is now your greatest art sales asset
I have been looking into this subject in a guest post on The Abundant Artist which you can read here.

9 creative women share secrets to suceeding with social media
A series of blog posts curated by a group of creative women blogging about how social media has helped them and their businesses, and how you can put these ideas into action.

Art School Monsters
Do you have a monster lurking from art school that tells you you are no good at art and undermines your confidence? I certainly do. I LOVED this post from Kirsty Hall.

Social Media Cheat Sheet
Extremely useul map of where you should concentrate your attention in the social media world.

Is Etsy Dying?
Thought provoking read from Skinny Artist about Etsy’s figures. A good reason to get your own artists website and not rely on Etsy as your sole web presence.

See 10 crucial reasons why every artist needs a their own hub website

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