Day 2 | Be The planet – Not The Moon

Creating your hub website

Jupiter has 63 confirmed moons, giving it the largest retinue of moons in the Solar System {I was amazed when I found this out as I thought it had 4 moon max! Shows my astronomical knowledge}

Eight of the moons have regular orbits and the other 55 have irregular orbits with eccentricities, meaning they are skittering about all over the place. At the centre of all this moontastic activity sits Jupiter, two and a halt times the mass of all the other planets in our Solar System combined, just slowly revolving and getting on with it while the moons whizz round frenetically.

When selling your art or creative work online it is far better to be the planet than the satellite moons.

You need a central solid presence on the web around which all your marketing, promotion and other activities revolve. This central home is your hub website. Your hub website is a website YOU create and own. It should be registered under your own domain name {ie} and be dedicated solely to your art. Other selling opportunities [for example, ETSY, Artfire, redbubble etc] can be linked in to your hub website and compliment it but they should not be your sole home on the web.

The reasons for this are simple.

  • You totally control your hub website – you set the rules
  • Your hub website only features YOUR work so you won’t get lost amongst zillions of other artists
  • You can drive traffic to your own website more successfully than to a satellite site
  • You can build a mailing list of people who are all interested in your work and ready to buy it when you release a new piece. This is your to keep.
  • If you decide to stop selling or showing your work on a satellite website you can do so and you won’t lose your client list or the advantage of all the promotion you have done. It will all still point to your hub website.
  • You can keep adding satellite websites to your little solar system and increasing the traffic to your hub website to increase your chance of sales.

Todays Mini-Task

  • Do you currently have a presence on the Web? Is it a planet or a moon?
  • Have you registered your own domain name?
  • Take 5 minutes to look around Google for some artists websites.
  • What do you like about the ones you find? Can you incorporate good ideas into your own site if you have one?
  • What do you dislike or think doesnt work?

Tommorow we are going to talk about valuable lessons from giant spiders! EEk!

Until next time, keep creating.


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