Day 3 | Big lessons from Biiig spiders

Weaving your web of online opportunity

Right outside my door I have a place where firewood gets stacked and living in that firewood is THE MOST ENORMOUS SPIDER IN THE WORLD.

I don’t generally like spiders but I have developed quite an affection for this one as he’s always there, rain or shine and his web looks pretty when the dew settles on it.

The big thing is that, although he isn’t in a great position to catch passing flies [he’s tucked away down the back of the firewood] his web always catches a large amount of food. This is because he has constructed a MASSIVE web that catches anything in the surrounding area whilst he sits in the centre quite happily, nicely supplied with food. If he had a titchy web he might be struggling.

Yesterday we talked about creating your hub website. The point is, that as an artist online, if you sit back and rely solely on your hub website to catch buyers, your reach is limited. However, if you weave a huge web of opportunities around it, by joining satellite websites, online shops and galleries and then linking them with your hub website your opportunities of art sales are multiplied

That way you can sit in the middle of your Web like THE MOST ENORMOUS SPIDER IN THE WORLD and make sales.

These opportunities include Gallery Sites, Show case sites, Shop sites, Print on Demand sites and Repeat selling sites, all of which can generate more sales of your work.

Todays mini-task

  • Take a look at as a good example of a Print-on-Demand Site, where you can upload an image of your work and buyers can choose the format and size they would like to buy. This is just one kind of art sales opportunity that the internet offers.
  • Consider your work and if you have any pieces you could add to the site

Tommorow we are going to talk about how wine, eating chocolate cake and chatting can help your creative business. Hooray!

Until next time, keep creating.




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