Day 4 | Wine, chocolate cake and a chat

Marketing your work online

I recently went to a party selling cookware at a friends house which consisted of a cookery demo and then eating the results {a gorgeous chocolate cake!} whilst we sat around, drinking wine, chatting with the sales woman and ordering copious amounts of cookery stuff.

I was surprised later when I looked at my bill to see how much I had ordered. Im not even a great cook and I’m not totally sure I really needed the heart shaped sandwich maker!

The point is that I had a great time sitting down and chatting and I felt comfortable to buy some items off the sales lady as she felt like a new friend and I had a great night. If she had turned up at my front door clutching her bowls and whisks and giving me the hard sell I wouldn’t have bought anything.

Its the same with selling art or creative items online {without the wine or chocolate cake unfortunately}. Social Media {for example, Twitter, Facebook or posting your thoughts on a blog} gives you the chance to sit down, chat and tell stories with unlimited people all over the world, about art, your work and things that interest you.

When someone views you as a friend they are much more likely to be interested in what you do and to consider buying your work than they would if they just saw the work on its own.

Social media is great fun and the perfect way for artists {who can sometimes feel a bit uncomfortable with the concept of marketing} to tell people about their work. It is ideal if you are shy or feel uncomfortable presenting your work in the real world {I get SO stressed having to talk to people about my work at gallery openings}.

Todays Mini-Task

  • Take a look at Twitter {even if you have previously thought “that’s just a bunch of kids wittering on  about how good their morning latte is”}
  • In the search box [top middle of the page] type in your specialism [printmaking, sculpture etc] and see what useful information and links come up about artists and work.
  • Subscribe to Twitter and join in the conversation.

Tommorow is the last day of the course and it’s time to learn some lessons from dead poets.

Until next time, keep creating.




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