Day 5 | Seize The Day

“Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.” from the film Dead Poets Society

Well. We are on day 5 of the mini course already and I hope it has sparked a course of action in your head and given you ideas as to where you want to go with your creative career and how you can use the internet to help you get there.

Im sorry though because, as today is the last day, at this point I have to be a little brutal with the truth….

None of this will happen unless you actively commit to doing it.

I know {because I’m guilty of this myself} how easy it is to procrastinate and faff about until you lose sight of what you are trying to achieve and don’t actually do anything about it.

When you are stuck behind the desk in the job you hate or stressing out over money, it’s nice to let your mind wander and think…
“When I am making more money from my art or have set up my online business I will be able to ——- fill in the blank ——- “

But the truth is that if you don’t actively make a start right now it will never happen.

Dont put it off and don’t let your inner voice talk you out of it. You have to start working towards that goal right now while it is still fresh in your mind.

Even if your time is limited, a small amount done each day will amount to a LOT achieved in 6 months time and a LOT MORE by the time you reach the date you wrote down at the beginning of this mini course…

Lets have another look at the goals you set yourself at the beginning of this mini course and how you wanted your life as an artist to be one year from now. You should have printed them out and put them in the back of your moleskine or somewhere special. Get them out again and take another look…

Then print out the sheet below and fill it in.

3 blooming good reasons for making this work

Write down 3 things that you will be able to do once you are bringing in more money from selling your work. How will your situation improve?
For example

  • I will quit my second job”
  • I will get my own studio”
  • I will have the money for a holiday”
  • I will be my own boss”
  • I can spend the day painting”

The first 3 steps to getting there

Write down the first 3 tasks you need to complete to bring this dream nearer being a reality.
For example,

  • Getting better photographs of your work,
  • Setting up a your hub website
  • Deciding on and registering your domain name

Set the timescale

Then agree with yourself the date by which you will have achieved them and  how much time you can spend each day in pursuit of your goal

Tip: Click on image for a larger version for printing

Keep both these little sheets somewhere you will see them every day to keep you focussed towards your goal. Maybe in your sketchbook or pinned up on your kitchen noticeboard.

Then make sure you commit some time each day to working on these tasks to make them start to materialise into reality. Set yourself a time each day to do it and stick to it religiously.

You can achieve success, freedom and sales as an artist. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.

Keep hold of your goals and your dreams and keep steadily walking down the path towards making them a reality…

If you keep walking you will get there sooner than you think.

Until next time.




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