Introduction – Shoot the Elephant!

Elephant? What are you talking about?

In the art world there is a BIG ELEPHANT in the room that no one likes to talk about – so lets do just that, right now and get it out of the way ;-).

The elephant is the fact that artists often feel very uncomfortable with the idea of promoting themselves and feel that somehow they shouldn’t be doing it. It’s easy to undermine yourself by feeling that somehow you shouldn’t be dabbling in the money side of things.

But successful artists & creative entrepreneurs have a strategy. They make a plan and go out and actively self-represent themselves. They don’t passively wait for the good things to come to them They aren’t sitting in their room waiting for some gallery to discover them and shower them in cash.

Right now they are setting up vibrant creative businesses online which allow them to control their lives and spend time doing what they want and love – not what someone else tells them to do. They have creative freedom. They are reaching out and making contact with an immense new audience, showing their wonderful work to the world AND SELLING IT TOO.

I think that since you signed up here this is what you want to do, and right here and now I want you to shoot any lingering elephants you have that may subconsciously undermine what you are trying to achieve…

You need to agree with yourself that…It’s OK to promote your work.

You spend a lot of time, money and love creating it and its fine to try to sell it to generate more money to create more art. Give yourself permission to sell it. Someone somewhere is going to love and treasure it. The internet is a handy tool to allow you to find that person.


So, the first step in achieving anything is figuring out where you want to end up and setting a goal and a timeframe in which to achieve it so lets do that right now.

Todays mini-task

Close your eyes and visualise your life as an artist and creative person a year from now. View yourself as that person. A little older, a little greyer maybe, but you in one years time.

How do you want your life to be?

  • Are you a full time artist?
  • Do you successfully sell work through your online shop?
  • Do you have a studio to work in?
  • Do you run your own creative business?
  • Do you work from home?
  • Do you sell your work at fairs and markets?
  • Have you quit your second job?
  • Do you run workshops?etc

Complete, print and cut out the little goal reminder sheet below. Put it in the back of your sketchbook, notepad or somewhere you will see it often, on your desk, in your drawer, on the kitchen noticeboard to keep giving you a little nudge towards your goal every day.

Tip: Click for a larger version for printing

Tommorow we are going to get going with the course proper and talk about THE GRANNY STOPPER!

Keep Creating