“YOUR WORK SUCKS!…” How to get that voice in your head to SHUT UP!

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Glad you made it.

So… you have this little voice in your head going on and on at you… undermining your confidence and preventing you achieving great things with your creativity. Lets give it it’s marching orders and stop it damaging your confidence.

You cant draw! Your mum always said you were terrible at art blah blah blah blah blah”

Listen carefully to that voice {this is the last time you are going to pay it any attention, honest}.

Whose voice is it?

Ill bet my bottom dollar that IT’S YOURS. It’s your voice.

And as the voice is yours, you control it. It has no power over you. You can tell it what to do.

And that’s just what you are going to do right now. You can do whatever you want with it. You control it.

Change the sound of the voice in your head. Give it a comedy voice. What about Mickey Mouse or Homer Simpson, Daffy Duck, Spongebob Squarepants or Elmer Fudd. Or try making the voice sound higher like it’s been inhaling helium or lower like its been slowed down nearly to a standstill.

Can you take the voice and its pointless wittering seriously now?

If it’s still giving you gyp, imagine that you can move the negative voice out of your head in a little bubble and place it on the floor. Let it sit there whinging and undermining for a few seconds. Then STOMP on it and pop it! Imagine the satisfying “POP” {or “squelch” if you’re a bit more sadistic}and then the blissful silence.

Everytime you find the negative voice creeping in repeat the steps above. With a bit of practice you will learn to control it better and push it further and further to the back of your mind.

You don’t have to let this mental tyrant mess up your potential creative  career. Put it in its place, create wonderful confident, professional work and get it out there!

Until next time. Keep creating


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