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Eric G. C. Weets was born on 3rd August 1951. He is a self taught, multidisciplinary, contemporary artist.

Weets has no academic training. It was denied when he was young and later, when he was old enough and had a chance, he refused because by then he read a lot about art and came to believe that formal training destroys creativity. Weets’ quest to create timeless work, made him negate all his other works on canvas, prior to the year 2007.  Because he felt those works miss that something, which makes the work exceptional, original and thereby timeless.

Presently, Weets has retired from public life completely and is almost living in solitude.

These paintings are about the purity of unbounded thoughts, most probably more subconscious than conscious, than a painting painted in a classical way. I feel these works have to be seen, enjoyed and thought about, if only to gain a different perspective on ordinary, daily living. And is not that, the purpose of art?

Insight into why Eric G. C. Weets is creating his art.

“I don’t think I can really talk about art or talk about why I do it or how I do it. I think it is not necessary even. I say art, I mean painting, for me. I did it, always. There was never a question why I do it, I could not leave it. There were times that I didn’t want to paint anymore and keep myself busy with other things but even with year long pauses in between, I have always come back to painting. So, for me, it’s a part of who you are. I cannot really figure out why it is like that. It shall be born in. (They say it is a gift. But I think it is not really a gift, it is simply something you have it within you. See gift is something like a present which is given to you but this is not a gift, this is something that belongs to you, it is a part of who you are, your identity.)

But the question stays, why art? Now, most probably, it is because I had no other choice. We carry that in us and in the end, it had to come out. It’s like, it has to take birth, because it is there. It cannot be otherwise than to come out”.
Eric G. C. Weets.

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