Reader’s Showcase | Nadees Prabou | Stunning Colours of India

Watercolour artist Nadees Prabou lives in Pondicherry India, where he captures the beautiful drama and colour of Indian Street life…

“My work represent the daily life activities of the people on the way in my life.

Mostly I captured the changing monsoon whether its summer or winter or heavy rainy in the busy streets of India. It’s beautiful.”


nadees prabou

Visit Nadees’s website for many more images of his beautiful and stunning work.

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Reader’s Showcase | Casper Johansson | Rubber Stamp Artwork



I am a full time artist from Sweden working in Burma since 2007. My works are all made in ink using rubber stamps. A technique that I have been working with for 2 years.

A vandal had written ´Destroy Power, Not People´ on the electric transmission building. In 1988 or -89, when my perception of power was limited to a source of energy I went home from school and started to scribble down my first piece on paper, attaching a yellow circle with the symbol of radioactive radiation. The style of the letters had already been introduced from the stickers inside Danish bubblegum packages. Two decades later, the power remains but my interpretation has changed, so has the style, today I use it as confrontation which intends to open up dialogue, a dyslexic language targeting the alleged veracity using unpressured paint as the core in my artistic expression.

Nutritionfact Kryptonite 2012


Contradictions, pronounced colouring and sharp outlines, using the urban landscape as a point of departure I want my art to stir up questions with the audience. The range of colours, shapes and style are rooted in graffiti which blends with everyday testimonies of feelings, beliefs and experiences. The result is a visual debate, a sphere between private and public, assumed truth and the untold, processed and enCAPsulated in the magnetism of art.

Because I am worth it


As art is a necessity and a common good, whether legal or illegal, my work is not strictly limited to canvas bounded by defined frames for an advantaged audience. Consequently your investment is my playground and I’m coming live in 5, 4, 3, 2…….

See more of Cap’s intriguing work on his site – or follow him on Twitter @duelling_banjos


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Reader’s Showcase | Weets | Unbounded Thought

Eric G. C. Weets was born on 3rd August 1951. He is a self taught, multidisciplinary, contemporary artist.

Weets has no academic training. It was denied when he was young and later, when he was old enough and had a chance, he refused because by then he read a lot about art and came to believe that formal training destroys creativity. Weets’ quest to create timeless work, made him negate all his other works on canvas, prior to the year 2007.  Because he felt those works miss that something, which makes the work exceptional, original and thereby timeless.

Presently, Weets has retired from public life completely and is almost living in solitude.

These paintings are about the purity of unbounded thoughts, most probably more subconscious than conscious, than a painting painted in a classical way. I feel these works have to be seen, enjoyed and thought about, if only to gain a different perspective on ordinary, daily living. And is not that, the purpose of art?

Insight into why Eric G. C. Weets is creating his art.

“I don’t think I can really talk about art or talk about why I do it or how I do it. I think it is not necessary even. I say art, I mean painting, for me. I did it, always. There was never a question why I do it, I could not leave it. There were times that I didn’t want to paint anymore and keep myself busy with other things but even with year long pauses in between, I have always come back to painting. So, for me, it’s a part of who you are. I cannot really figure out why it is like that. It shall be born in. (They say it is a gift. But I think it is not really a gift, it is simply something you have it within you. See gift is something like a present which is given to you but this is not a gift, this is something that belongs to you, it is a part of who you are, your identity.)

But the question stays, why art? Now, most probably, it is because I had no other choice. We carry that in us and in the end, it had to come out. It’s like, it has to take birth, because it is there. It cannot be otherwise than to come out”.
Eric G. C. Weets.

See more of Weets work here

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Reader’s Showcase | Zhenlian | Meditative Paintings

Evening Romance


My name is Zhenlian. I am an artist from China. I  graduated from Teachers Training College in Hong Kong as a qualified art teacher.  I have worked as art teacher in both Primary and Secondary schools in China.    I have retired from my work since 2002, since then I have devoted myself to painting.

Dragonfly Attractions


I like to experiment with new medias which I have not had much experience before, such as acrylic and Chinese paintings. I am fired with inspiration in whatever I paint, in fact, I am more inspired now than when I was young.

Fairyland Tales


I am often inspired by nature, flowers,waters,trees,fruits etc, I don’t paint what I see but express what I feel, I often see the theme of a subject before me, and I choose to express it in colors and forms. My paintings are meditative and poetic.



I enjoy painting animals too, especially cats, I usually add a humorous touch to my animal themes. Most of my paintings are conceptual realistic in style, that is to say my paintings appear very realistic but there are always some imaginative elements in the composition of my works. I think I would rather call this Conceptual Romanticism. My paintings are integrations of the real and the imaginative.

You can see more of Zhenlian’s beautiful work here.



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Loose and Local: Using Unconventional Venues to Showcase Your Art

Guest writer Edward Stuart discusses some great and original new ideas for places to showcase your art in your local community.

As artists, we sometimes unintentionally lock ourselves in tidy little boxes. We wait for gallery opportunities or we set up at local coffee shops, and we leave other options out of the picture. We look to our websites and social media outlets. Once or twice a year we set up at local art fairs. Though these tried and true methods might get some results, there’s an entire world of venues that remain largely unexplored. Your community is full of people that love art, love working with artists and would delight in helping you showcase your work—which means that the big obstacle is actually finding one of these venues. The good news is that all it takes is some creative thinking, some networking skills and some good old fashioned detective work.

New Beginnings

The first useful clue you’ll find while cracking this particular case is this—start with the new guys. People who are just starting their business are likely still very open to new ideas. They actually might be in need of wall decoration in the first place, which is a need that you can easily fill for them. Bringing your art to a new business’ doorstep makes them immediately feel more involved in the community and lets them know that someone is paying attention to them. Even better, the owner of a new business will often have creative ideas about how to make your art work in a perfect symbiotic relationship with their establishment, which can go beyond “hang it up with a price tag and leave.” There’s a lot of room for creativity and collaboration when you approach a business that’s just starting out—there’s more space to experiment and change things around, which is extremely beneficial from a marketing standpoint.

Follow the Trail

Okay, we need to get more specific than “start with new businesses,” because there are only so many of those. Every city is different, so your avenues of opportunity are different than mine. These are just a few suggestions about where you might look—even if they don’t specifically apply to you, they might give you some ideas.

  • Local music venues (beyond coffee shops) are great. Bars that host live music are often extremely likely to showcase your artwork. All ages venues are great, too.
  • Hair salons are a great place to showcase your artwork, especially since many of them are owned and staffed by artistic, creative people.
  • Comic book stores are often more than happy to showcase your artwork, especially if what you do leans toward any type of quirky or pop art.
  • Skate shops and bike shops are also great for quirky or dark artwork, and their owners are extremely prone to being artistic types as well.
  • Restaurants are great, but food trucks work out pretty well sometimes, too. The logistics can be a bit tricky, but food trucks are generally owned by independent-minded, creative types that are very receptive to hosting your artwork.
  • Local music zines, fanzines and other local publications are always looking for great content. Sure, you can’t hang a painting up in a photocopied zine, but you can find some beneficial relationship there.
  • House parties can be a great place to showcase your work—as long as they don’t get too rowdy.
  • Tattoo parlors and screen printing shops sometimes have the wall space for artists they appreciate as well.

Another great rule to follow is that basically anywhere creative people tend to gather is a good venue for your art. Above everything else, just think “where do I like to go? Where do my friends go?” and follow the trail from there.

Turn on the Light

Many of the businesses listed above might not showcase any local art, but that’s because many of them have just never been approached about it. They simply don’t feature anyone’s artwork because no one has ever brought it to their attention. Any place owned or staffed by artistic types is bound to at least listen to your proposal, even if they’re already an established business. Taking a little risk and making a pitch to a currently art-free venue might result in a long-lasting relationship and open the door for other artists. You never know until you try.

Good Relationship

It’s important to build good relationships with the people that own these unconventional venues, so that they continue to contribute to the local art community. Ideally, your art should both look great on their walls and help to get some people in the door to look at whatever they’re selling. Use your already-bountiful self-marketing and promotion skills to bring some new faces in the door. Show them that you’re committed to the relationship and they’ll give just as much. If you’re blazing new trails and setting up new art venues where there once were none, your fellow artists are going to appreciate it as well. The simple acts of holding up your end of the bargain and giving back to the business owner will open up new doors for you and your peers.


Finding an unconventional venue for your art might involve some exploring, handshaking and risk-taking, but it means not having to wait for a street fair or a spot at a local gallery. Your community is full of people who love and appreciate art—the only real struggle is finding them in the first place.


Edward Stuart is an artist, writer, blogger, and interior design enthusiast. He writes for the canvas art supplier Edward enjoys blogging about art, art history, design and home decor.



Image courtesy of

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Reader’s Showcase | Olga Gouskova | Women of the Imagination

My name is Olga Gouskova. I have been a professional contemporary fine artist and painter since 1998.

I was born in Moscow, Russia. But I spent my childhood and youth in Belarus between Vileyka and Minsk.

In 1996 I immigrated to Belgium. Today I live, love and work in Bruges.

Orla Gouskova


I create in a variety of media and techniques – often mix drawing with painting. In my female portraits you can clearly recognize the representation of a person. Yet, this is not the main motive of the painting. The portrait merely serves as reason to make the painting. It is the imagery concept. My paintings greatly appeal to the beholders. Conscientiously and with a great sense for beauty I portray my models. The resulting portrait is not an exact copy of reality, but instead a visual impression of it. By including things like a flower or a butterfly or putting a lace on the model’s eyes I try to add an unusual or artificial character to my portraits. I learn about myself depicting images from my imagination. I don’t expect to find answers, rather look for questions. The choice of colors stimulates energy, emotions and appetite for life.

Orla Gouskova


My work reflects my own story – a theatre where one is an actor and a viewer at the same time. It is possible to find there everything: beauty and grotesque, silliness and seriousness, happiness and nostalgia, the antique and the modern…

Orla Gouskova


With my paintings I participated in different solo shows and group exhibitions in Belgium, UK and Netherlands.

My artworks can be found in private collections in Belgium, UK, USA , United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, Russia, Belarus.

My goal is to continue to create beautiful works of art fueled by passion and imagination. I’d like to further expand my paintings into art collectors and art lovers, museums and galleries.

Orla Gouskova

Thinking of You

Find out more about Olga and her work here.

Interview on momardi

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Reader’s Showcase | Branimir Jaredic | Haunting Photography

Branimir Jaredic

Branimir Jaredic is an amateur photographer from Rijeka(Croatia),currently living in Limerick(Ireland)

Branimir Jaredic

Branimir says… My work is based on the theme ‘Man and his position in the world and nature’.

On one hand, I’m trying to express my feelings about the loneliness and unimportance of human beings in this world and on the other, I like to celebrate the beauty of nature. My inspiration comes from everyday life, music, films, games ..

Branimir Jaredic

Branimir’s work has been published in the following:

  • Photographize arte magazine and Photographize fan page (3x)
  • B creative blog
  • Elements magazine(interview+photo presentation)
  • Re foto magazine (3x)
  • Brainstorm on line magazine
  • Get inspired! Magazine
  • Musetouch magazine(blog)
  • Жанна_BITEofJeanne(blog)
  • LinesWorld Zine
  • final selection Photo France competition
  • final selection  Saatchi gallery competition “Art Paris Showdown” amongst 3777 entries

Branimir Jaredic

You can view more of Branimir’s work in the locations below.

Facebook page:


Google + :

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Reader’s Showcase | Jordan Conlin | Rising Games Designer

Jordan Conlin Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime

Jordan Conlin is a young 18 year old artist from Stockton-On-Tees in the north of England. Having started drawing from a very young age, his passion was reignited by purchasing a graphics tablet for use with Adobe Photoshop software.

Jordan Conlin Masterchief


All of the work shown here was drawn using Adobe Photoshop CS3/4 and completed in less than five hours.

Jordan Conlin Bumblebee


Jordan Conlin Forest Gump

Forest Gump

Jordan is studying Game Design at Middlesbrough College and hopes to be a full time artist in the gaming industry working at drawing and 3D modelling.


You can see more examples of Jordans fabulous speed paintings on his YouTube Channel Contact Jordan at jord_conlin{at}hotmail{dot}co{dot}uk

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Reader’s Showcase | Shaun William Kerr | Classical Romantic Artist

The Fealty of Sir Bedivere

Scottish born Shaun William Kerr (now residing in Texas) has since 2006 begun to establish a reputation for himself as a Classical Romantic Artist.


Munroe's Retreat


Munroe's Retreat Detail

The quality and intricacy of his alluring narrative painting style has attracted considerable attention around the world and his originals have become highly sought after.




Steps of Annwn

Find out more about Shauns finely detailed work on his website.

Interview with Something we Dec 2010

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Reader’s Showcase | Cally Clark–Traversari | Vibrant Joyful Mixed Media

Pink Fairy

I am a self taught artist from Birmingham, but currently living in Wolverhampton.

I regard my artwork as colourful, vibrant, and different. I love to use a range of mediums but my favourite is mixed media and emulsion. I tend to use a lot of acrylic, too. I believe I have found my own sense of style but I continuously developing it.

Picked In The Garden

My inspiration comes from the things around me. My home life, thoughts, dreams, and most importantly my imagination. I’m never seen without an art journal and I am always sketching new ideas.

Mother and Daughter

I have only recently begun selling my artwork but already have sold over 20 paintings without much advertisement – I hope to set my own website up and get the word around more in the near future (I am currently in the early process of getting help and support from the Princes trust.) All sales so far have been made via and my Art facebook page.

I have my first Craft stall coming up at the end of the month which I am both scared and excited about!.

Magic City

You can find out more about Cally on her Facebook page Cally’s Creations or at

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